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Research and development is focused on investigating new technologies and verifying ideas to set your emerging product on the right track or add a competitive advantage to any already-released solution. Our team approaches each case individually to identify the best technical opportunities and main barriers in order to answer the question: what to expect from your business idea?

Our R&D services

Discover more about how we conduct our research and development to help businesses make the most of their ideas

Proof of concept

Make sure your product will find the right spot on the market with a proof of concept done right in 2 to 4 weeks. Through extensive market research, idea validation and the rapid prototype development of your product, we test out whether your ideas can be achieved, what needs to be improved and/or changed about it. This gives you the ability to test your concept among the target user bases and can help to secure funding for the idea.

Innovation Research

Innovation research aims to study the feasibility of your product idea. It is defined as highly iterative research that takes about 2 − 3 weeks, which is conducted in a series of short Innovation Sprints. During the research, we work out how your product could be boosted with new technologies, be it Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, or other possibilities for innovation. Aim at testing out a completely new technology or utilise an existing one in a unique way.

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2 weeks
for the prototype
3 months
for the MVP

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Full-service company

Our experienced team will take care of everything related to your project: from R&D, through design and development, all the way to maintenance and further product growth.

Trusted by our clients

Open communication and a client-oriented approach are extremely important to us and the numbers speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 of our projects come from referrals.

Awarded for our work

Our rich portfolio of over 150 projects has granted us recognition by the Singapore Fintech Festival, Google I/O, UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Awards, and more.

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Here’s what our long-term partners have to say about working with Miquido.

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Unlike other vendors, they also didn’t hesitate to challenge our concept only to make it better and bring new creative ideas and technical options we were not necessarily aware of.

Bart Biernat

CEO, Industree

They’re very goal-oriented, actively looking for solutions to every challenge. The team is collaborative but still low-maintenance.

Piotr Paraska

Senior Project Manager, BNP Paribas

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software development
digital solutions
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Our R&D solutions for industries

  • Healthcare
  • e-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Other

Create a digital product that will inspire innovation in the healthcare industry, and test out new ideas for medical solutions with our R&D services. We’ve worked with many healthcare providers, including Vheda Health, whom our R&D team helped to integrate the app with medical equipment. With Miquido, you’re gaining a development partner experienced in building solutions for telehealth, mHealth, remote health monitoring, health data management, and more.

e-Commerce is an industry where research is especially important, both when it comes to the functionalities of the software solution itself and the customers that will come to use it. Over the years, our research and development team has helped to build some truly unique solutions for e-Commerce, eg. an application available through e-book readers. With R&D, you can ensure that your idea is the right fit for the market, and your online store brings in the results you expect.

Ensure your entertainment project has the right features to keep users engaged with the help of our research and development team. Over the years, we’ve become experts in creating music, social, travel, and event applications, and have worked with the entertainment industry’s top brands. A prime example of our work is Winz, a game based on geospatial augmented reality, developed thanks to our R&D team. Ready to bring some fun to your users?

Fintech is where innovation counts above all else, and the competition is fierce. That’s why you have to make certain that your idea has what it takes to become a hit on the market, and leave other companies far behind. Our R&D team has helped many financial businesses to develop products that granted them a competitive edge, one of which is the ML-based credit scoring system for Nextbank. Whether it’s a simple personal finance solution to complex banking software – we’ve got you covered.

Didn’t find your industry? No problem. Over the years, we’ve worked with companies from all over the world, operating in many different fields, and our team is always ready for new and exciting challenges. Whatever solution you need, we’re ready to help you reach your business goals with cutting-edge technology.

Custom app development

Out-of-the-box solutions work well for many businesses, but not all. If you want a product tailored to your business needs, then custom app development is your best bet.

What’s in it for you? Features developed exactly as you want them, and no unnecessary ones. Impeccable design that is in touch with your brand image. A product that is scalable, with the possibility to adjust it to your evolving business needs. A development schedule and budget that’s made with your business plan in mind. Ready to create something unique?

Learn about custom app development

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What does research and development do?

R&D refers to the studies made by a company in order to verify whether their idea has a chance of success or discovering new ways to innovate their products. It mostly serves as a start of the development process, as it determines whether the concept is feasible or not. Research and development can focus on if a new idea is worth trying out on the market or potential innovations to already-existing products, services or processes.

What is a proof of concept?

Proof of Concept (PoC) is an exercise that aims to test out whether bringing a business idea to life is achievable or not in development. Think of it as a safety net: through proof of concept, you have the ability to verify if your vision for a product is going to work with the resources you have, and what needs to be done in order to improve it before investing in developing the product.

What are the benefits of R&D?

The most obvious benefit of R&D is the risk assessment that comes with testing out new ideas before they go to development and saving loads of money in the process. That said, including R&D in your process comes with many advantages. These include evaluating your short-term and long term plans for improvements, choosing a technology that’s best for your strategy and finding a compromise between the business side and technology in order to maximise profits.

What is the difference between R&D and product development?

To put it simply, R&D attempts to validate an idea, while product development is the process of making that idea a reality. In that way, R&D works as a sort of green light for the next phases of development, being the very first step in the process.

Technologies we research


Home automation


Augmented Reality

Audio/Video Streaming

Communication protocols



CarPlay/Android Auto

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