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Think big: perfect your app with Golang development

Build software worthy of major industry players like Google, PayPal, Netflix and Uber. Choose a tool that will allow you to build a multi-million-user app with a secure, reliable backend and future-proof services architecture. Take advantage of a unique ecosystem of APIs and tools enabling the development of comprehensive cloud & network solutions. Perfect your app with Golang development services by Miquido – a company with 12 years of experience in delivering apps fueled by Google technologies.

Why should you choose Golang development services?

Golang is an open-source programming language designed by Google to tackle cross-platform, cloud-native and performance web development challenges. Thanks to its simplicity, fast performance, efficient memory usage, and concurrency support, industry leaders use Go to build scalable and reliable enterprise apps. Are you seeking a proven solution for developing backend, cloud infrastructure or software architecture? See what benefits Go can bring to the table!

Compatibility and intuitiveness

As one of the newest programming languages, Go is well-suited to modern hardware requirements. Golang-powered applications can be used within many operating systems and across various platforms. Go binaries can efficiently interoperate with external resources, like C libraries or Linux system functions. Moreover, Golang is a highly intuitive language, which allows Golang developers to produce clean and efficient code, speeding up the development process and shortening time to market.

Scalability and efficiency

Golang is a great choice for complex projects that run at high speed and those that are meant to grow in the future. It relies on a number of built-in features that enable the reduction of memory usage. Moreover, it’s fully independent, as executables created with Go don’t rely on any external resources, making it more secure and easier to maintain than other languages. Thanks to its clean and easy-to-understand code, scaling Go-based applications is almost effortless!

Distributed network services support

Golang development enables the creation of functional network applications where data can be used by many people at the same time. Imagine multiple independent systems that can also effectively interact with each other. Distributed network services allow for sharing the load among different systems. Thanks to this feature, if any technical failures or system corruption appear in a distributed network, they won’t affect all systems, reducing downtime and facilitating general maintenance.

Seamless microservices architecture development

More and more companies are turning to microservice architecture. Golang is the perfect language to create it, thanks to low overhead and no dependencies. With Golang, developers can provide an architecture containing independent components, each of which can be written with a different technology. Thanks to microservices, the rest of the application remains mostly unaffected, even if a single module crashes. Separate services are also easier to maintain and scale if necessary.

Robust cloud-native apps deployment

Due to its high portability and networking features, Golang handles deploying scalable cloud-native apps and exploits all the advantages of cloud computing. Not all legacy apps may be matched with modern external resources, causing the modernisation process to become time-consuming, risky, and costly. That is why more and more companies are deciding to rewrite their software with the help of Golang for improved performance, robustness, safety, and scalability.

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Case Study: A knowledge-sharing platform connecting students and experts

Our team took up the challenge of creating Brainly Content Tool – the web platform for managing the answer requests on Brainly. The solution was the direct answer to the problem of tasks distribution and optimising the workload of answer-providers.

We’ve created the Content Tool in a matter of 3 months. The platform enables effective arrangement of experts’ responses, easy time tracking and workflow monitoring features.

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50 %

of questions answered in 24 hours

2 x

higher benefit rate than the targeted goal

3 h

of weekly work time saved by each user

Custom Go development services

Golang enables the easy, dynamic, multi-platform creation of comprehensive backend, software architecture, cloud and AI solutions. Define your business goals or use the help of our product strategists to design a personalised software development plan. Our experts will provide all the necessary services to guarantee top-notch reliability, security and efficiency of your Go-powered software.

Golang development consulting

Benefit from our 11 years of experience with Google technologies, supported by projects for industry leaders such as Brainly or HelloFresh. We will help you develop an effective digital transformation strategy and optimise processes in your project by choosing the right tech stack. Take advantage of our business consultancy services and the support of experienced Go developers to audit the source code or increase the competencies in your company via Team Augmentation.

Microservices infrastructure deployment

Do you care about a quick time to market but do not want to give up the complexity of your application? Choose an alternative to the conventional monolithic approach. Build your application faster, more transparently and with the potential for further scaling thanks to microservices infrastructure powered by Golang. Google’s programming language allows you to take full advantage of microservices while simplifying architecture, decreasing resource consumption and improving data security.

Cloud and network services development

The essence of cloud-based solutions is scalability and the ability to share resources. A built-in Go concurrency allows companies to pass and store large amounts of data simultaneously while ensuring a failure in one sector doesn’t block the entire process. Choose Go for cloud deployment to leverage all the advantages of cloud computing and improve your systems’ performance, flexibility and safety.

Golang Artificial Intelligence development

Take advantage of the Golang programming language referred to as “the future of AI”. Streamline your CSM, analytics or sales processes with AI and ML-based automation, easy to deploy and maintain with Golang. Bet on fast performance – crucial when working with large datasets or complex algorithms; built-in concurrency support – helping improve the performance of AI algorithms; and efficient memory management – allowing for reducing the memory footprint of AI apps.

Golang for web app development

Develop scalable and secure web apps with Golang – a statically typed language with a strong focus on portability, rapid cross-platform development and out-of-the-box performance. Benefit from the latest technologies support, including HTTP/2, MySQL, ElasticSearch, state-of-the-art encryption standards and a secure web server with a powerful standard library. Leverage the power of Google-backed tools to make building reliable, complex web apps easy and cost-effective.

DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Establish the best DevOps and SRE practices within your company to scale and maintain enterprise apps easily. Use Go to streamline task management, improve CI/CD processes, make informed architectural decisions and automate wherever possible. Benefit from Go’s concurrency, networking and fast build times features. Manage cloud deployment, grow development infrastructure, build automation scripts and easily maintain larger apps with Golang’s low memory footprint and doc generator.

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What makes Miquido a leading Golang development company?

Miquido is a comprehensive Golang development company known for adopting Google technologies from their early beta days. With 11 years of experience working on digital projects for international enterprises and promising start-ups, our developers know how to develop top-notch, scalable and reliable Golang-based apps on time. What else do we offer?

Custom development approach

All software produced at Miquido is tailored to meet your unique business needs. Choosing our custom development services gives you complete flexibility and control over the final product. As a fully agile company, we involve you in all stages of custom Golang development to guarantee that each technological solution aligns with your goals. Our DevOps engineers and seasoned Golang developers ensure that the delivered bespoke software smoothly integrates with your systems and streamlines your workflows.

Team of seasoned Go developers

Our Golang development team is composed of 10 mid and senior developers, supervised by the Team Leader and the Head of Technology. By cooperating with Miquido, you commit your project to professionals with even +10 years of experience in software engineering, development and testing. Focus on proven technologies without neglecting innovation and benefit from the impressive Miquido tech stack, including state-of-the-art tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL or MySQL. Let’s hop on an intro call and discuss what our Golang experts have to offer.

AI software development experience

The Miquido team has vast experience in AI projects employing machine learning, data science, computer vision and voice assistants. International banks and insurance companies use our innovative solutions, such as AI-based scoring systems or personal voice assistants. We offer the highest quality Golang AI development services based on the cooperation of cross-functional Miquido teams consisting of experienced Golang developers, data scientists and business innovation consultants.

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They were able to put together a very strong team on short notice. All of the people involved from Miquido, Developers, PM, Design, QA or the Account Executive, were very proactive and open for discussion regarding the project.”

Michał Łabędź, Content Director at Brainly Inc.
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Miquido was engaged throughout the project and responded well to the expeditious timeline. They were proactive in project management and understood the requirements and challenges.”

Kevin Hall, Project Manager at Skyscanner

Get to know our work process

  • 1

    Scoping & estimation

  • 2

    Workshops & preparation

  • 3

    Design & development

  • 4

    Product release

  • 5

    Ongoing support

Getting to know your vision & business needs

First of all, we’d like to learn about your product idea and identify the scope of your project. For that, we gather all the crucial info about your business goals and expectations. We discuss the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. By the end of this stage, we should be able to provide you with a general development schedule and an estimated project price.

Diving into the details

To make sure that your custom solution becomes a success, we put together a series of personalised workshops tailored to your needs. Sample workshops can focus on Data, Product design, or Strategy – you make the final call. After we’ve answered each other’s questions and reached a common vision, we prepare the wireframes and the first design drafts, development requirements, as well as all the basic documentation of the project.

Turning your bespoke idea into reality

This is when your idea truly comes to life! We finalise the UX/UI designs and begin the development of your web or mobile application. Keep in mind, that every project is unique so there’s no one-size-fits-all way to tell how long it’s going to take, but as a rule it takes us up to 3 months to create a fully-functional minimum viable product – your MVP. That is the version of your solution ready to be released to the market.


Your app is ready to be released to the market! After the development is complete, the MVP is tested, and every stakeholder is satisfied, we take care of the deployment and release. As time is of the essence during this phase, we make sure everything goes according to schedule and the entire process is as seamless as it gets.

There’s more for us to do

Your custom digital product is released, but our work doesn’t necessarily end here. We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our customers; if you’d like to upgrade your product with some additional features over time, if there is a particular enhancement that you’d like to try out, or if you simply want us to take care of maintenance and support, we’re always happy to help! In case you choose to let your in-house team to take over the project, we’ll ensure the transition goes without any surprises.

Want to know more about Golang development services?

Can Golang be used in web development?

Yes, Golang can be used in web development. Go was designed with web development in mind. Go has excellent built-in support for web app development. Golang web apps have excellent performance and their development is simple thanks to built-in NET/HTTP package.
Furthermore, Go has a lot of web frameworks, such as Gin or Echo. Each framework has various features such as a code reload tool (Echo), or Martini-like API (Gin), which may simplify the development process. It is also worth mentioning that Go also has several libraries for interacting with databases.
Overall, Go is a good choice for web development, especially for building high-performance, scalable, and concurrent web applications. Still not sure whether GO is suitable for your product? Feel free to contact us; we will be happy to help find the best solution that fulfils your needs.

Who uses Golang?

Golang is becoming an increasingly popular and much-loved language among programmers. This is due to its simplicity, excellent performance, support, and many tools that make it easy to work with. This is why more and more global giants are using secure Golang solutions:

  1. Google: Golang was created by Google and is used in many projects, such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Google Cloud Platform. It is also used on YouTube.
  2. Uber: Golang is used to create the backend infrastructure, such as the payment process or dispatching system.
  3. Netflix: GO is used to build microservices in this well-known streaming platform.
  4. SoundCloud: Golang creates the backend of applications including, for example streaming services. For SoundCloud, an essential function of Go is enabling static typing and fast compilation.
  5. Twitch: The Golang is used in most most-loaded systems. Twitch values this language for its simplicity, security and performance.

These are just some of the companies that use Golang to develop their products. It is particularly appreciated for its simplicity and fast compilation, which makes working on larger projects much more manageable.
Still determining if Golang will be the suitable language for your project? Contact us; we will be happy to help tailor a solution to your needs.

When to use Golang?

Golang is one of the most popular programming languages. Its features such as static-typing, package management, built-in testing library and cross-platform support make it a perfect solution for many projects. Here are some scenarios where using Golang might be the best fit:

  1. Building in the cloud: With its ability to compile quickly, and manage memory safely, Golang is an excellent choice for microservice-based architectures. In fact, Go has been used to create cloud-native computing solutions such as Docker, and Kubernetes.
  2. Web development: Golang will also be an excellent choice for web application development due to its ability to create scalable and secure apps.
  3. Building network services: Golang’s built-in concurrency features make it a great choice for building network services that need to handle large numbers of concurrent connections, such as web servers or proxies.

Golang is well-suited for building scalable and performant applications, especially those that need to process large amounts of data. It is also a good fit for projects that require fast development cycles and easy deployment. It is worth remembering, however, that these are only some situations where the Golang will be an excellent choice. If you need help choosing the right technology solution for your project – we’d be happy to help!

Is Golang backend or frontend?

Go programming language can be used for backend development. Golang is well-suited for building high-performance web applications, including APIs and microservices. It has built-in networking support, making it a popular choice for building performant and scalable web applications. Golang owes its popularity to many convenient features such as garbage collection, structural typing or fast compilation. Equally important advantages of Golang are its excellent performance, speed, readability and access to extensive documentation and tools. That is why Golang is one of the most-loved languages for backend development.

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