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Custom blockchain development services by Miquido

Businesses are fueled by data, transparency, and smooth exchanges of information. The faster, safer, and more accurately this can be achieved, the better. Want to explore the technology that makes all this possible? Blockchain software development services provide ideal solutions for the storage, transfer, and access of your company information. Build your strategy with us and digitally transform with confidence.

Our blockchain development services

Build trust with a members-only network, experience a heightened level of security, or make increased efficiencies. Browse through our offered services and choose the option that fits your needs best.

Blockchain wallets and crypto exchange

With the birth of cryptocurrencies came blockchain products such as crypto wallets. Storing your private keys and keeping your crypto safe and accessible, these savvy security solutions come in the form of different hardware wallets and mobile applications. With your crypto holdings living on the blockchain itself, crypto wallets ensure the safe keeping of your private key that proves ownership of your digital money and allows you to trade.

Smart contracts development

Boost efficiency and harmonise your workflow with smart contracts development. We write smart contracts taking care of the necessary technical and advisory aspects that offer your business contracts security, transparency, and real-time execution. Simplifying business exchanges thanks to blockchain development services, smart contracts give you the power to cut back on the overly formal, time-consuming, and sometimes ambiguous processes attached to traditional contracts.


Would you like to take control of your assets and collectibles using NFTs? Using blockchain technology and harnessing the power of smart contracts along with decentralised apps, our NFT development services along with our understanding of your business needs can help you accomplish your aims. Whether you’re looking to tokenise, bid for or trade assets, NFTs can put you in the driver’s seat.

Blockchain consulting

By utilising the latest technologies out there, we can apply our expertise and offer services that will take your business strategies to the next level through professional blockchain consulting. We will help you clarify your vision by carrying out an extensive analysis of your business needs and open up the possibilities to show you what implementing key blockchain solutions can do for your business.

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Benefits of blockchain

Want to know more about how blockchain technology can work for you and your business? Here are some reasons you may want to consider these innovative solutions that can take you to the next level.

Enhanced security

With blockchain enhanced security methods, you can be sure that your data will be in safe hands through consensus method transactions and immutable data that can not be maliciously compromised through its innovative transaction network.

Better transparency

With its fully audible ledger of transactions, blockchain boasts transparency as one of its biggest advantages. Using end-to-end tracking in the chain, businesses can create a decentralised network, making data truly transparent and available to allocated individuals at any time.

True traceability

Traceability is crucial for both vendors and suppliers. Using blockchain technology, true traceability can be achieved to avoid costly mistakes that can occur in the supply chain making it more transparent than ever before.

Reduced cost

Blockchain has no centralised player involvement. Hence, when it comes to reducing business costs, blockchain software development services are able to offer up considerable savings by cutting down on costs associated with 3rd party vendors. Promoting the flow of digital information, blockchain can also reduce the amount of time needed to obtain data, once again showcasing its cost-effectiveness for digital transactions.


Blockchain automates to create maximum efficiency, not only by improving speed but by also removing human error. Cutting out the middlemen for processes such as smart contracts is a perfect example of how automation in blockchain can show off enhanced trust verification methods as well as immutability and transparency.

Why to choose Miquido?

A toolkit for your business strategy

We have the right toolkit to define your product and create a personalised roadmap, from the discovery phase to the end product. Working together, we’ll plan and strategise your objectives through bespoke workshops, hard research and our own solid experience of our blockchain development services.

Understanding your business needs

We understand that all businesses have different goals and we’ll work alongside you throughout the process to realise them, keeping in line with your go to market time. At Miquido, we’re firm believers in bringing ideas together, creating that perfect link between what your users need and what your business aims, objectives and expectations are.

UX for all!

It’s predicted that by 2050, bitcoin will overtake traditional currencies, and it’s because of this, UX will need to be a fundamental consideration to fit the needs of the masses. At Miquido, we’re able to offer the best UX solutions that will guide your users through an entertaining, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate product that delivers straightforward and easy to digest information.

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Here’s what our blockchain development process looks like

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    Maintenance and upgrades

Brainstorm, ideate, and innovate blockchain solutions with the full support of our team. Together with our blockchain professionals, we’ll put on educational workshops and sift through crucial research and development areas to bring you the very best of what’s on offer for blockchain when it comes to blockchain development services for your business needs. Our in-house specialists have the business and technical know-how offering you the most efficient solutions on the market.

UX is key to gaining traction, but not all users are familiar with digital assets or cryptocurrency. Good UX creates and builds trust, with a sense of security that will ensure your users feel engaged and informed.
With the specific nature that blockchain has such as irreversibility and transparency, UX design needs to reflect this for users.

When it comes to blockchain deployment and development we use a number of popular apps and programming languages such as Solidity and Python which are designed around efficiency to build decentralised applications with high throughput. Depending on the blockchain most suitable for your business model, our blockchain development company can ensure the perfect tech fit.

As technology, along with business needs change, maintenance and upgrades of your blockchain product will be necessary for unlocking the true potential of the product. Adapting to changes in the market and keeping up to date is an essential business practice that will set you in good stead for the future. Get continuous feedback from users that can assist you when considering upgrades or planning maintenance on your blockchain solution.

Want to know more about Blockchain technology?

Why is blockchain important?

The importance of blockchain can be seen in almost any sector that has a supply chain. Improving traceability, transparency, and security, it creates a trusted repository of information that can reduce the burdens of communication and speed up data transfer processing along with ensuring secure and immutable transactions.

Is blockchain the future?

With blockchain expanding and having far-reaching applications among multiple sectors, it is expected to continue on this trajectory with its impressive ability to solve modern-day issues such as those concerning security, finance, contacts and even voting systems. Blockchain is being penned as doing what the Internet did for us back in the 90s and early 2000s, especially when it comes to notarising digital data – which is an impressive comparison to make.

Why work in blockchain?

With the benefits that blockchain software development services are bringing to businesses around the globe, the opportunity to transform stagnant industries into well-oiled tech giants is one of the reasons many are turning to careers in blockchain and blockchain development companies – not to mention that it’s highly in demand. Through blockchain, you can rise through the ranks becoming a major decision-maker when it comes to the implementation of technology and the reshaping of supply chains. Those involved in blockchain will more than likely play key roles in the future of taking organisations into the new age of cybersecurity, finance and IoT.

Is blockchain expensive to implement?

Blockchain development is a feature-dependent industry so it comes down to individual projects, needs, and objectives when it comes to expense. With many companies outsourcing their blockchain projects to experts in countries such as Poland, Germany and Finland, it’s important to remember the investments and gains that blockchain can bring long-term, in terms of cost, time and security.

Public vs private blockchain: what’s the difference?

The difference in public vs private blockchain comes down to who has access to entries on the blockchain. In a public blockchain, anyone can join and take part in the main activities of the blockchain network, whereas in a private blockchain, only selected and verified participants have entry access with the operator having control over editing or deleting entries on the blockchain – each having different uses and benefits dependant on business needs.

Where is blockchain used?

Blockchain software development services have allowed businesses around the world to reap the benefits since its creation and it’s fast finding its way into multiple industries which include:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Industries
  • Voting Mechanisms
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Identity Security
  • NFT Marketplaces

And that’s just to name a few. In fact, blockchain is being dubbed ‘the new Internet’ which goes to show you the types of predictions being made.

How can blockchain be used in business?

Blockchain has many uses which stretch far and wide for businesses and can be used to streamline processes without the need for a middleman using technological methods such as smart contracts. With blockchain, transacting with each other can be done in an environment that is safe, secure, and transparent using immutable ledgers that permissioned participants can have access to which can be adapted to just about any business data out there.

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