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We transform top-tier eCommerce stores into super apps, crafting omnichannel experiences that become integral to users’ daily lives.

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Mobile commerce apps turns brands from visible to vital

Our mission is to seamlessly integrate your brand into the everyday routine of your customers, making you reach them precisely where they are, anytime they need, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for growth and connection. This isn’t just about selling your products; it’s about ensuring a ubiquitous presence in your customers’ world.

Why mobile commerce app development is a must?

79% of your potential customers are shopping from their phones right this moment. And if they stumble upon a less-than-ideal experience? 40% won’t think twice before moving to your competitor. In a world where mCommerce captures 60% of the global market, the call to action couldn’t be clearer. Not having a mobile commerce app is like leaving money on the table.

Mobile dominates eCommerce global sales

In 2023, mobile commerce hit $2.2 trillion and claimed 60% of the global eCommerce market. This isn’t just a trend; it’s a takeover. With projections showing mobile’s slice of the pie growing to 62% by 2027, the message is clear: a dynamic mobile commerce strategy is essential for staying ahead.

The mobile market continues to explode

Take charge of secure transactions and combat credit card fraud with Artificial Intelligence. Incorporate AI, machine learning, and deep learning into your banking systems to monitor user transactions, provide prompt customised recommendations, and ensure a high level of security for your customers’ assets. Perform loan risk assessments more efficiently, using AI to examine the data of potential loan recipients and identify associated risks.

mCommerce drives higher conversion rates

Mobile apps triple conversion rates compared to websites, offering a better shopping experience. What’s more, they lead to customers spending double. With 53% users buying from brand apps and 42% planning to shop more on mobile, investing in a strong app is essential for business growth.

mCommerce app development paves the way to super apps

The ultimate goal for brands? To become indispensable to their customers. Here, mCommerce is your golden ticket. By crafting an app that not only offers shopping but also seamlessly integrates into daily routines, you’re on the path to creating a super app – a go-to choice for millions.


Development of a mobile channel for
a 100-million-user app

1 mln

new users


airports and cities involved

100 mln

Skyscanner app users


Mobile commerce development services

We custom-fit our services and teams to the unique demands of your mCommerce app, ensuring every process is tailor-made for success. Our expertise has driven the world’s leading brands, such as Skyscanner, TUI, Herbalife, and Empik, from online platforms to super app giants. Here’s how we will help you transform vision into reality.

MVP definition

A clear project vision rooted in your business goals and recognising your users’ challenges form the foundation of a successful mCommerce app. That is why our collaboration will kick off with workshops to specify all these aspects, which we will then enhance with competitive analysis and precise technical recommendations. That’s how we set the stage for cooperation poised for success from day one.

Design & idea validation

The ideal mCommerce application is an embodiment of your brand’s essence, tailored to captivate and engage customers. That’s why our motto is to craft designs that are not just seen but felt. First, we will confront initial prototypes based on our strategic assumptions in two rounds of user testing. Then, we will refine them into final designs – optimised for maximum engagement and sales.

mCommerce app development 

Mobile development is our thing. Opting for a collaboration with us opens your door to a spectrum of technologies tailor-made to breathe life into your vision. From front to back, through native iOS and Android development to the agility of efficient cross-platform solutions like Flutter and React Native, we offer a fully custom journey consistent with your tech stack, business goals, and long-term product vision.

AI development

Take advantage of AI progress to provide your users with superior experiences: fast customer service and personalised shopping experiences. We have +6 years of experience in creating innovative AI tools for mCommerce: from algorithms dedicated to predicting user behaviour, through advanced recommendation engines driving sales, to chatbots based on OpenAI API and natural language processing.

Customer retention strategies

Loyalty programs, gamification, subscription services, augmented reality experiences – benefit from retention strategies crafted by product managers with a deep understanding of mCommerce dynamics. Our promise of smooth communication across departments ensures that every additional functionality you envision is smoothly integrated into the process. This synergy optimises the workflow and elevates your mobile application to new heights of performance and user engagement.

Partner with Miquido for mobile commerce development services

We blend the latest trends with timeless user needs, ensuring your app not only enters the market but dominates it. Our approach is simple but revolutionary: we listen, innovate, and deliver. Your vision, powered by our expertise, can redefine what’s possible in mobile commerce. Ready to make headlines? We’re here to make it happen.

Our mCommerce partners led the mobile revolution

Several years ago, we supported industry leaders in shaping their mobile channels from the ground up, creating iconic apps like Skyscanner Car Rental and Empik Go. Today, the digital products we’ve developed for our clients are chosen daily by millions of users and facilitate hundreds of thousands of transactions each day. Partnering with Miquido means leveraging the knowledge and experience of teams that have built mobile applications that are now central to this market.

Data-driven mobile commerce development services

Our mobile commerce application development approach merges years of experience with a keen observation of market trends, consumer behaviours, and user actions. We operate strategically and agilely, adapting processes to your organisation’s needs and customising solutions – from design to technology – to meet your customers’ needs. That is why mCommerce applications created at Miquido effectively support your business objectives from day one.

A dedicated team of mobile commerce innovators

Our business unit dedicated to mCommerce consists of strategists, software engineers, backend and mobile developers, designers, and product managers with extensive experience in developing premier commerce applications. These specialists focus on mCommerce solutions, having worked on projects for the world’s most well-known brands like TUI, Play, and Skyscanner. They have the tools and expertise necessary to elevate your product to a global level.

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Working remotely with the Miquido Team was as frictionless as if they were sitting right next to me. They really dug deep to understand our industry and customer needs.”

Senior Product Manager at Empik
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Miquido’s overall professionalism, knowledge, and support make them a great company to work with.”

Software Product Manager at Herbalife

mCommerce FAQ

How much does it cost to develop an mCommerce app?

There is no one fixed price for developing mCommerce development solutions. The cost varies from factors such as:

  • The scope of your project: Including the amount and complexity of the app’s features. Enterprise mCommerce development, custom mCommerce software development and tailor-made features, like AR shopping try-on or AI-based recommendation systems, might significantly increase the overall development cost. Therefore, you should always take advantage of the product discovery phase: a deliberate choice of the app’s core features is critical to the efficiency and profitability of your mCommerce app.
  • The choice of mCommerce app development platform: Depending on your customers’ needs, you can go for native Android, iOS, or cross-platform development. Developing one native application is usually cheaper than creating a cross-platform solution. However, cross-platform frameworks (such as Flutter or React Native) allow brands to use the shared codebase to quickly develop, scale and effortlessly maintain multiple Android, iOS, web and desktop mCommerce apps. In other words: if you plan to reach wider audiences faster and cheaper, cross-platform might be a way to go.
  • mCommerce app testing, post-delivery maintenance and technical support: Remember to include testing, maintenance and technical support in the development budget. These three steps are essential for your users’ satisfaction and hence, sooner or later, will affect your business growth. Ensure easy-to-maintain, effortless UX/UI solutions, good technical documentation, thorough QA testing, and keep technical debt under control at all times.

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