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With Flutter’s robust and well-supported ecosystem, businesses can stay ahead in the competitive app development landscape and quickly adapt to evolving user demands. From saving time and resources with a single codebase to delivering consistent user experiences across platforms, Flutter empowers companies of all shapes and sizes to create visually appealing and high-performing apps. Hire top Flutter developers and streamline your app development with a versatile Google framework.

What Flutter development can bring to your business

Do you want to create an application that works both on iOS and Android? Explore the transformative potential of Flutter for your cross-platform mobile app development needs. Leveraging Flutter mobile app development, our team can craft a seamlessly integrated application that caters to the preferences of both iOS and Android users, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience that aligns with your business objectives.

Faster app development

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that allows companies to build applications for Android and iOS with a shared codebase. The cross-platform approach significantly reduces the time required to develop and maintain two separate native apps. Additionally, Flutter’s Hot Reload feature ensures quick bug fixes and reduces the time needed to add new features and make UI changes.

Reduced time-to-market 

Flutter is an excellent option for constructing a Minimum Viable Product, thanks to its fast time-to-market, which outperforms other cross-platform frameworks. This speed is made possible through pre-built UI components called “widgets”, which eliminate the need to waste time starting from scratch. In Flutter, creating a prototype is as simple as assembling the layout utilizing highly customizable building blocks. By selecting Flutter, your business can gain a competitive edge by quickly validating ideas, gathering feedback from users, and swiftly iterating on the product.

Single codebase, multiple platforms

With the most recent release of Flutter, companies can leverage a shared codebase to develop applications for Android and iOS, desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, as well as web applications such as SPAs or PWAs. Moreover, having one app for Android and iOS eliminates the need for separate testing, simplifying QA procedures and reducing the overall effort required.

Flexible UI and user-oriented design

Flutter was developed with the aim of delivering the best possible app experience to its users. Flutter development agencies can leverage its rich set of Material Design, Cupertino and customizable widgets to design visually appealing, brand-driven and user-centric apps with engagement in mind. Moreover, Flutter’s animation and motion design features make it a great choice for those looking to elevate their app’s visual appeal.

Improved app performance

Flutter has gained recognition for its exceptional performance thanks to its utilization of a reactive programming model that enables seamless and responsive animations and transitions within the app. Furthermore, it maximizes performance by relying on its own built-in widgets instead of native components, reducing the need for extensive communication between the app and the underlying platform.

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We created the first Flutter project in Europe

Choose the Flutter development company that was there when it all started. Version 1.0 was yet to be officially released when we created our first Flutter mobile app – Topline by Abbey Road Studios.
Check out the results!

abbey road studios mockup

Watch the official Google video

The solution was appreciated by Google, officially featured on Google I/O and Flutter Live 2018 and awarded twice on UK App Awards.


Miquido’s Flutter development services

The Miquido team of Product Strategists, UI/UX designers, and Flutter developers can provide you with a comprehensive digital product, whether simple or sophisticated. Our Flutter development agency handles the entire development process, from building prototypes and validating ideas to developing robust Minimum Viable Products and handling complex mobile and web development projects. Bring your ideas to life while ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across multiple platforms.

Flutter mobile app development

Leverage Flutter mobile app development to reduce project time and ensure consistent user experiences across Android and iOS platforms. Maximize your outreach by harnessing a single codebase, a hot reload feature and a rich widget library. Create mobile apps that captivate users with stunning visuals, ensure seamless performance, and effortlessly transcend platform boundaries for wider audience engagement.

Flutter web development

Miquido is one of the few agencies in the world that excel in Flutter web development, enabling our partners to craft web apps that seamlessly emulate the mobile experience. Leveraging our developers’ extensive proficiency in Flutter Web, companies can create immersive web apps with a native-like user journey. Enjoy the advantages of Flutter’s efficient code sharing, rapid development cycles, and awe-inspiring visual capabilities to enhance user engagement and drive business success.

Cross-platform development

Creating a single codebase that effortlessly deploys across multiple platforms allows companies to streamline their business operations and conserve valuable time and resources. Take advantage of the consistent functionality and a seamless user experience across all devices so your business can reach new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Flutter development for startups 

With our Flutter service for startups, new ventures can quickly develop and launch their prototypes or Minimum Viable Products. Miquido empowers up-and-coming businesses to swiftly translate their innovative concepts into tangible solutions by emphasising swift development, cost efficiency, and adaptability. This approach not only helps startups save time and resources but also positions them to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Enterprise app development with Flutter

Leverage the high performance and flexibility of Flutter to create robust applications that enhance productivity, streamline workflows and accelerate the growth of your organization. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing scalable and fortified solutions for enterprise applications that meet the requirements of large organizations. By choosing Flutter, businesses can ensure the smooth operation of their enterprise and strengthen security measures while efficiently adapting to the evolving business needs.

Scaling up your existing product with Flutter

Do you want to ensure your Flutter-based applications can handle high traffic and deliver an uninterrupted user experience? Miquido offers Flutter scaling services that are tailor-made to enhance performance, improve scalability, and meet the needs of expanding user bases. By scaling up with Flutter, organizations can strengthen their ability to grow and adapt to ever-evolving business requirements, ensuring their apps perform optimally, even under increased loads.

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Why choose Miquido as your Flutter app development company

Leverage our extensive expertise in developing Flutter mobile apps that cater to the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. At Miquido, we prioritize delivering effective solutions to the everyday challenges faced by our clients across diverse industries. Our Flutter development experts specialize in validating ideas through MVPs, building mobile and web applications that match native performance standards, and ensuring the existing solutions engage users and help companies expand their business.

Software agency featured at Google I/O

When you choose Miquido, you’re opting for a team with a track record of Flutter’s early adoption, even before the official release of version 1.0. Our journey began with creating Topline, an award-winning app featured at the Google I/O conference 2018. Since then, our Flutter app development experts continually honed their skills, consistently delivering innovative applications that fully harness the boundless Flutter potential. This commitment to excellence ensures our clients’ success in the ever-evolving and competitive app landscape, setting them on a path to stand out and thrive.

Applications recognised worldwide

Tap into a decade of expertise in software development services backed by the trust of globally recognized brands like Skyscanner, Warner Recorded Music, Dolby ON, and many more. Our portfolio boasts top-performing web and mobile applications across diverse industries, including FinTech, Music and video, eCommerce, and travel. By partnering with Miquido, you gain access to a team hungry to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your Flutter app stands out and excels in its category.

Award-winning projects

When selecting a partner to work with, it’s crucial to choose one with a proven track record of success. At Miquido, we have a rich portfolio of over 150 completed projects that have earned our clients prestigious awards, including the UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Awards, and FinTech Awards. We stand out from the competition due to our Google-certified software house status and our membership in the Google Developers Agency Program, which is awarded to only 80 companies worldwide.

Customer-oriented approach

Miquido’s success is driven by referrals, with 90% of our projects coming from satisfied clients. We prioritize transparency and seamless communication, which means keeping partners informed every step of the way. As a comprehensive Flutter development agency, we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ unique needs and exceeding their expectations, whether it’s strategic planning, product design, or the entire development and maintenance process. Partner with Miquido and benefit from our trust and reliability, ensuring your Flutter app project truly stands out.

Get to know our work process

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    Project scope

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    Workshops & preparation

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    Design & development

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    Product release

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    Product growth

Understanding your idea

To start with, we want to learn more about your idea for a Flutter application, as well as identify the scope of the entire project. In order to do that, we go through your business goals and expectations, discuss the potential features, technology solutions and the time needed to deliver them. When this phase comes to a close, we should be able to provide you with a general development schedule and pricing.

Polishing the vision

We’d like to see your idea turn into success as much as you do, and that’s why, in order to aid you in picking the right strategy and polish your idea, we put together a session of Data, Product or Strategy workshops – whatever is best in your specific case. By the end of this stage, we have wireframes of your Flutter application, as well as the initial design drafts, we’ve gathered development requirements, and got the basic documentation of the project.

Bringing your project to life

Time for the exciting part! When the project kicks off, we finish up the designs, and start working on your Flutter app. Keep in mind that we see you as our development partner, and that’s why we encourage you to be fully engaged throughout the process. The length of this phase depends on the app size and complexity, but as a general rule it takes us about 3 months to create a minimum viable product.

Your product enters the market

The big day is here! Once we make sure that your product is ready to take the market by storm, we take care of both the deployment and release. Time is of essence during this phase, so we ensure that every part of the system is released on schedule and works perfectly, without any downtime. After your Flutter application goes live, you can also count on us to provide ongoing support.

Enhancing your product

Your Flutter app is released, but our journey doesn’t have to end here. At Miquido, we put an emphasis on maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Were you to decide that your app needs extra features or enhancements – we’ve got you. We start working right away, while continuing to support the existing version. And if at some point you’d like to transfer the project to your in-house team, we’ll help you plan the process and make sure it goes smoothly. Let’s make your business grow together!

Hello fresh

Our most trusted partner! Worked with them for years! Jumps on each challenge with great excitement and genuine interest and delivers innovative solutions.”

Nuno Simaria CTO at HelloFresh
Abbey Road Studios

They’re probably one of the easiest vendors I’ve ever worked with in the digital space.”

Dominika Drońska Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Abbey Road Studios

Learn all there is to know about Flutter

When to choose Flutter for your app development?

  • When you need to lower development costs: Flutter is a framework dedicated to developing cross-platform apps. That is why Flutter is the best option if you don’t need to develop separately native iOS and Android apps. By choosing Flutter to create the cross-platform solution, you can lower development costs up to 30%!
  • When you need faster time-to-market: If time is of the essence, Flutter is your best option. That’s because it is quicker to build a UI in Flutter, especially if you want to release Android and iOS at the same time. Other tools like React Native require more time to make the design look the same on both platforms. All of it makes the development process much faster.
  • When you need an extraordinary design: Flutter’s built-in UI widgets provide designers with all the tools they need to create an outstanding design of your digital solution. Furthermore, Flutter rich libraries allows designers to create a native-like experience for mobile app users.
  • When you need an outstanding performance: Flutter’s performance is enhanced by its use of Dart, a compiled programming language. Furthermore, Flutter owes its performance to using the Skia graphics engine to render the UI. This allows Flutter to balance development speed and runtime performance perfectly.

Which companies use Flutter to build their apps?

Flutter has grown in popularity since its launch in 2017 and is increasingly used by global brands:

  • Google: Google, the company that developed Flutter, uses it for its mobile tools, such as Google Ads, Google Assistant, or Google Wallet.
  • Alibaba: The second biggest e-commerce retail platform, uses Flutter for its Xianyu app, a popular marketplace for buying and selling used goods. The app was already downloaded over 50 million times and had over 10 million active daily users!
  • BMW: BMW uses Flutter to build the My BMW app, which allows drivers to control their cars remotely and access various features.
  • Abbey Road Studios: Their Topline app created by Miquido enables artists to record tracks, share files or add lyrics directly in the cloud. It only took Miquido 10 weeks to develop the MVP, and the app itself was announced as the winner of the UK Apo Award 2018 in 2 categories.
  • Groupon: Groupon, the deals and coupons website, uses Flutter to build its mobile app, which allows users to discover and redeem deals from local businesses.
  • ClickUp: This powerful tool used to plan and manage projects uses Flutter to develop its app.

These are just a few examples of the many companies that use Flutter for their mobile app development. The popularity of Flutter is expected to continue to grow, and it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for cross-platform app development because of its ease, performance, and ability to make eye-catching, interactive design.

Is Flutter a programming language?

Flutter is not a programming language. Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google to build high-performance, visually appealing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms.
Flutter’s framework is using the Dart, object-oriented programming language. Dart is used to write the code that runs the Flutter framework and allows developers to create cross-platform mobile apps. So while Dart is an important component of Flutter, Flutter itself is not a programming language. Instead, it’s a toolkit that uses Dart as its programming language.

How long does it take to develop a Flutter app?

The timeframe of app development is highly individual . It depends on several factors, such as the technology chosen, the number of functions or features, the size of the app development team, legal requirements or even the industry. Here are some of the major factors that can impact the development time of an app:

  • App size: The app’s complexity can significantly impact the development time. It is related to the time needed to implement certain functions. That is why an app with basic features will take less time to develop than an app with a more complex structure.
  • Design phase: If the app requires a complex and highly customised design or animations, it can significantly increase the development time.
  • Testing phase: It is an important stage of the app development process, determining to detect errors as quickly as possible and prevent future system failures and bugs.
  • Project team: It is worth remembering that the project phase includes not only code writing but also research, analysis, design, testing or subsequent maintenance. That is why it is worth choosing the team that can handle all those project phases. That can significantly shorten the process of application development.
  • Third-party integrations: Integrating third-party services such as payment, social media platforms, and analytics tools can take additional time.
  • The industry: It is also an essential aspect in determining the app development time. That is why different industries may need various legal, technical or design requirements. All of those stages may influence the overall time of application development.

That is why estimating the precise time frame of app development is incredibly difficult. In general, developing a simple app with basic features may take from a few weeks to a few months . Creating more complex apps, for example, with specific technology or functionalities, may increase the time by up to a year . Please get in touch with us if you need help determining how long it may take to create your digital product. We will be happy to help.

Flutter performance: Is it as good as the performance of a native app?

One of the major advantages of Flutter is providing high performance, speed and the ability to create a visually attractive design. That is why Flutter is considered to boost developer productivity in mind. Flutter uses a compiled programming language Dart and a unique architecture that enables it to perform well and achieve near-native performance. All of this has an impact on the growing popularity of Flutter.
On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the performance of a cross-platform solution may be slightly different from a native app, especially in cases where the app requires heavy processing or access to native device features. While Flutter allows access to native features and hardware, it may not always be as optimised as native apps. However, it is worth remembering that Flutter mobile apps may have slightly worse performance compared to native apps, but the difference isn’t noticeable to the end-users.
Choosing the right solution depends on your project’s technological requirements. While Flutter may provide near-native performance, in some cases, it may be better to select native solutions.

How much does Flutter app development cost?

The cost of developing a mobile app varies and is determined by many factors. Depending on the app, the total price can range between $50,000 and $300,000 or more. The most significant influences on the total cost of creating a mobile app are factors such as:

  • The size of the app: More additional features mean more time needed for code, design, and app testing and patches. This all has the effect of incrementally increasing the cost.
  • Technology: Various technological solutions can affect the cost of developing a mobile app. Creating an eCommerce app differs not only in technical specifications and features but also in design, legal requirements or security from, for example, a FinTech app.
  • Development team: This aspect is influenced by the team size and their country of origin. The cost of a mobile app is related to the hourly rate of developers, designers, product or project managers, and testers. The hourly rate can vary significantly between, for example, the US, UK and even European countries, which can affect the total cost of the app.
  • Maintenance of the application: Developing the digital solution itself is also related to its subsequent maintenance and updates. The subsequent operation of the app also increases the cost of developing a mobile app.

The total budget should therefore be determined based on these and other relevant factors, such as design or project requirements. That is why working with an experienced team that can provide an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and needs is essential for your digital product development.

Can Flutter be used for web development?

Yes, Flutter can be used for web development. Flutter provides a framework and set of tools for building high-performance, visually appealing apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms, but it also includes support for building web applications.
Flutter’s web support allows developers to build web applications using the same codebase. This allows for a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. Furthermore, Flutter enables good app performance because it provides animations in up to 60 frames per second.
However, it’s important to note that while Flutter’s web support is still a relatively new feature, there may be some limitations and differences compared to mobile platforms. Therefore, it is worth remembering that Flutter for web development might not be as stable as in mobile apps. That is why Flutter for the web has a smaller community and support, but it also may not be SEO-friendly and may have weak debugging capabilities.

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