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Our team created one of the first Flutter projects in the world, but we didn’t stop there. We’re pleased to say that as of now, Miquido is rated as the number one Flutter development team on Clutch – a recognised platform for rating and reviewing IT service providers from all over the world.

We created the first Flutter Project in Europe

Choose the Flutter development company that was there when it all started. Version 1.0 was yet to be officially released when we created our first Flutter mobile app – Topline by Abbey Road Studios. Check out the results!

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Featured at Google I/O 2018

Music App of the Year 2018

Best UX and UI Design 2018

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The solution was appreciated by Google, officially featured on Google I/O and Flutter Live 2018 and awarded twice on UK App Awards.


Tangible results, right on schedule

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3 months
for the MVP

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Where does Flutter excel?

By using Flutter for your project, you can be sure to get:

  • The same codebase for both iOS and Android
  • The possibility to go beyond mobile
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent, customisable UI and animations
  • Quick testing and bug fixing
  • A perfect base for building an MVP

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Timesheets is a mobile app created with Flutter for iOS and Android. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly design, this productivity tool simplifies time tracking processes and team management.

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An AI-based plant care advisor for your home jungle. Using computer vision techniques, we created a Flutter mobile app that will recognize the type of a house-plant from its image and provide the user with care tips.

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Our most trusted partner! Worked with them for years! Jumps on each challenge with great excitement and genuine interest and delivers innovative solutions.

Nuno Simaria

CTO, HelloFresh

They’re probably one of the easiest vendors I’ve ever worked with in the digital space.

Dominika Drońska

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Abbey Road Studios


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Our development process

  • 1

    Project scope

  • 2

    Workshops & preparation

  • 3

    Design & development

  • 4

    Product release

  • 5

    Product growth

Understanding your idea

To start with, we want to learn more about your idea for a Flutter application, as well as identify the scope of the entire project. In order to do that, we go through your business goals and expectations, discuss the potential features, technology solutions and the time needed to deliver them. When this phase comes to a close, we should be able to provide you with a general development schedule and pricing.

Polishing the vision

We’d like to see your idea turn into success as much as you do, and that’s why, in order to aid you in picking the right strategy and polish your idea, we put together a session of Data, Product or Strategy workshops – whatever is best in your specific case. By the end of this stage, we have wireframes of your Flutter application, as well as the initial design drafts, we’ve gathered development requirements, and got the basic documentation of the project.

Bringing your project to life

Time for the exciting part! When the project kicks off, we finish up the designs, and start working on your Flutter app. Keep in mind that we see you as our development partner, and that’s why we encourage you to be fully engaged throughout the process. The length of this phase depends on the app size and complexity, but as a general rule it takes us about 3 months to create a minimum viable product.

Your product enters the market

The big day is here! Once we make sure that your product is ready to take the market by storm, we take care of both the deployment and release. Time is of essence during this phase, so we ensure that every part of the system is released on schedule and works perfectly, without any downtime. After your Flutter application goes live, you can also count on us to provide ongoing support.

Enhancing your product

Your Flutter app is released, but our journey doesn’t have to end here. At Miquido, we put an emphasis on maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Were you to decide that your app needs extra features or enhancements – we’ve got you. We start working right away, while continuing to support the existing version. And if at some point you’d like to transfer the project to your in-house team, we’ll help you plan the process and make sure it goes smoothly. Let’s make your business grow together!


Custom Flutter app development

Ready to build your app from scratch? Make certain to reach your business goals and create a digital product that fits your strategy and needs. With custom app development, you get only the features you want without having to bother with unnecessary ones, and get a one-of-a-kind product adjusted to your company’s needs that you can scale and modify in the future. Choose the team of Flutter experts rated number one on Clutch and start building your custom app today!

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Learn all there is to know about Flutter

Want to know more about Flutter development? Browse our FAQ to gain more knowledge. Or better yet – contact us to get your answers!

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Flutter performance: Is it as good as the performance of a native app?

Sure. Flutter applications are known for their remarkably high native performance. The SDK has most of the native components, and there is no need for a bridge to communicate with native modules. Although depending on the features, some things might run slightly less smoothly, the overall performance is as good as the one of natively created apps.

Reduced cost: Can I save money by developing my app in Flutter?

Choosing Flutter for your project means using just one codebase, within one technologically connected team, going at one pace. You don’t have to look for vendors of two different technologies and then synchronise their work. There’s no need to duplicate the same payment function or social media authorisation. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to limit the number of outlays by half. It is often a bit more complicated to deliver a certain functionality for cross-platform.

To grasp the bigger picture here, let’s take a look at some numbers. It is estimated that it can take up to 20% – 50% more time to create a cross-platform feature than to create the same feature natively. However, compared to building both apps separately, 20% to 50% more time spent can still be a winning case for your budget.

Also, try to think about the course of events once your application succeeds. When it goes into maintenance it is much easier to maintain the app with one Flutter specialist. Your business might not be able to find tasks for several different developers full-time just by maintaining the code.

Flutter vs React Native – Which one should I choose for my project?

React Native is often mentioned as the closest competitor to Flutter. Both can save you time and resources, both will grant you a great performing native-like app. Before making your pick, it’s best to review your project’s requirements and specify your own needs. However, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • User Interface: If you care about gesture-related UI (swiping, dragging, etc.) or would like the UI to reflect your branding, Flutter will be the way to go.
  • Project scope: If your app is going to be maintained and developed over the years (or the team working on it may change over time), Flutter may be a better solution.
  • Mechanisms and integrations: If you wish to use more complex mechanisms (Bluetooth, geolocation etc.) or external integrations (such as Google Maps, Amazon Cognito), go with React Native – it has a wider spectrum of libraries available for now.
  • Web development: If the web is the key touchpoint for your business, choose React Native. The framework produces a browser application much closer to native developed products and seems to be more stable at the moment.

Flutter app features: Can I have the same features as in a native app?

Absolutely. The sky is no longer the limit! Anything that can be developed natively, can be done in Flutter as well. Most of the features can be implemented within the Flutter architecture. However, even if some solutions are not directly available there, you can always implement some parts of your app natively and call them from Flutter using Platform Channels.

We work across a variety of industries

  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Other

Looking to build a custom Flutter solution that will prove to be a game changer for the healthcare industry? Our apps help to save medical professionals valuable time, all the while keeping their patients healthy. We’re pros when it comes to developing software for data management, remote health monitoring, and mHealth. See how we can transform the healthcare industry together with the aid of cutting edge technology!

See our solutions for healthcare

The e-Commerce industry thrives on innovation, and we’re ready to deliver solutions that will leave your competition far behind. At Miquido, we’re experienced in developing seamless digital products for e-Commerce, able to serve millions of users across the world. Build a custom e-Commerce application that will keep customers engaged with a personalised experience. Ready to boost your conversion rates?

See our solutions for e-commerce

Want to create an entertainment application that will keep users glued to their phones? We have robust experience in creating entertainment solutions for the industry pioneers, such as Onkyo Music or The Abbey Road Studios, and we know just how to keep the fun going. Music, travel, social or event application – just name what you need, and we’ll start working to bring you a captivating digital product.

See our solutions for entertainment

Build a custom fintech solution that’s both user friendly as well as secure, and make your business thrive in the finance industry. Our developers combine the power of cutting-edge technology with data-based research in order to bring highly performing fintech solutions to life. Whether it’s a banking, insurance or financial management application that you need – we’re ready to deliver you a product that will keep the money flowing.

See our solutions for fintech

Don’t see your industry on the list? No problem! We’ve worked for companies from a variety of industries and different business backgrounds, and we’re always ready for new challenges. Education, food delivery, productivity and telecom – those are all industries that we’ve developed flawless digital products for. Reach out to us and see how we can do the same for you!

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