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On the rocky road to success, it is not enough to start up. You need to scale up

Over 50% of projects fail in the early stages. The most common reason behind their failure are poor strategy and planning. To launch a new product on the market and win your future customer’s interest (and loyalty!), you need a solid product strategy and a long-term innovation plan.

Discover your unique journey from idea to a meaningful product and constant innovation


Let your business strategy guide the product

Make sure your product vision aligns with the company vision. Complement KPIs with operational metrics and create a well-grounded business model. Develop a reliable product vision board to foster your strategy.


Gather necessary insights on your target market

Identify major competitors through comprehensive research, pinpoint current trends and segment the market to pick the right audience. Discover business opportunities and customer insights to adjust the product to their needs.


Validate your idea and existing demand on the market

Employ well-known frameworks like Market Validation, Jobs to Be Done, User Personas, Story and Journey Mapping to uncover answers for your hypothesis during our customised workshops, user research, testing and analysis.


Access technical feasibility with Proof of Concept

Accelerate the product release by determining first its reason-to-believe and whether it can be turned into a real product. Assess its technical feasibility and the needed budget for a successful start and future innovations.


Simulate your real product with prototype and MVP

Quickly and affordably test your assumptions and risk with low and high-fidelity prototypes. Make sure there is sufficient demand for your product and verify the needed technology to deliver it with Miquido’s developers.


Set the right Roadmap and Backlog relation

Let both tools improve and plan flow among stakeholders. Leverage the product roadmap and backlog to translate business requirements and user expectations into clear requirements for the development team.

Beyond the Product Strategy Consulting

Scale-up in the right direction

Expand the market by implementing growth-hacking methods and improving UX. Discover new opportunities with insightful market research, gathered consumer’s data and deep product analysis.

Receive our expert’s constant support

Have a real partner on your side throughout the discovery, testing and growth journey. Ensure the right product’s development in all aspects: technical, software, innovation and market needs fit.

Come in for Innovation & Product Consulting

Our long-lasting partnership aims to provide you with full consulting support. We assist you with your product’s growth and innovation adoption. Together we strive to exceed your customer’s expectations and deliver value to all the activities your product is involved in.

Beyond the Product Strategy Consulting

Case Study: Brainly Tutor making education accessible anywhere, anytime

Brainly Tutor is a leading learning platform with the most extensive Knowledge Base for all school subjects and grades. Its mission is to give students one-on-one attention from live tutors when they need more personalized support.

Miquido was responsible for the user experience on mobile, the frontend development, and the app design. Our long lasting cooperation with client, previously gathered users data and testing enabled us to bring much more value for the end users during the Brainly Tutor development.

brainly tutor case
300  M

students, parents, and educators worldwide

11  seconds

to connect to a tutor

brainly tutor texh stack

Tech stack

Step logo

The product design element in our initial workshop, alongside the rest of the team, was vital in helping us to shape our final product. (…) The Miquido team were very well versed on best practices and flexible in accommodating our wishes. Working with the product design team was a smooth and seamless partnership!”

Co-Founder @ Step
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At the beginning of cooperation with Miquido, we had a lot of ideas for product development, but no specific plan. The two-day workshop helped us to broaden the perspective, sort out areas and create a backlog of tasks for further work on the mobile app.”

Product Manager @ Empik Go

Product Strategy FAQ

What is Product Strategy?

Product Strategy helps a company set the right directions and key activities for successful product development, launch, and marketing. It is a well-defined high-level plan that includes a business vision and mission and outlines key steps to follow to bring a valuable and useful product for the end users.

Why is Product Strategy important?

A solid Product Strategy helps to translate your idea to future users, gather research that will position your project on the market, and make sure that your business goals are met according to a simple and understandable workflow. Having a well-defined Product Strategy allows you to plan the release, gather the funds and partners, strategise your product on foregin markets and scale on local ones. Thanks to a thorough Product Strategy, your team can improve the decision making and understand which tasks to prioritise for the maximum efficiency of the work process.

When can I use Product Strategy?

The main advantage of a well-defined Product Strategy is that it can be adjusted and applied to every stage of your process. Surely, it would be more beneficial for your project vision if your business plan was prepared before moving on to the development stage. However, since every work process is prone to changes and unexpected adjustments, having an agile Product Strategy could save you some headaches. At Miquido, we usually divide our clients’ strategies into specific milestones, so that you could clearly see how we develop your project from step one to the post-release stage.

How long does it take to prepare a Product Strategy?

First of all, you should understand that Product Strategy is subject to change even in the most rigid projects. Since its primary goal is to help you set the correct SMART goals, a good Product Strategy has to come prior to any other stage of the development process. Further on, there are many variables that can affect the time it will take to create the draft of a viable Product Strategy. Key project elements such as the product itself, your budget, tech requirements, etc. can all affect the time it will take to prepare the roadmap.

As a rule, there are defined stages of working on the Product Strategy. They are:

  • Discovering your agenda
  • Shaping your product vision
  • Defining product goals
  • Creating a goal-based roadmap
  • Repeated review and modifications

At Miquido, we work according to Scrum iterations, meaning that each cycle of work takes between 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the team. If you require assistance solely with the business aspect of a Product Strategy, you can count on faster completion of the entire process. However, we recommend trusting our team with the entire product development. You can read more about how long it takes to develop an app on our blog.

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