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Product strategy consulting for IT solutions

Our key motivation is to develop unique, highly functional products that focus on your business perspective and are powered by research-driven data. With 10+ years of experience and over 150 web & mobile app projects in our portfolio, we know how to design innovative, valuable products that take markets by storm.

Our Product Strategy services

At Miquido, we build one-of-a-kind apps that effortlessly win users over. See what we have in store when it comes to product strategy and ensure that your idea is on the right track!

Product vision

Tell us the story behind the product you want to create, and we will take care of the rest. By asking the right questions and with the help of customised workshops, we can elaborate on the idea, measure your needs, and plan functionalities that need to be taken into account during the development process. We work on addressing target group needs, as well as creating business models, market insights and milestones to ensure that your idea is on the right track every step of the way.

Competitive analysis

As a part of a wider strategy, we have to identify major competitors on the market, starting with thorough research based on their solutions, products and audience groups. Thanks to competitive analysis, we can not only identify new business opportunities and ideas for development but also pinpoint current trends on the market and define specific user needs. With the help of our experienced market research team, we can make sure that your product fits right in.

Business & market insights

With data-based analysis, we explore market needs, UX-driven designs, and the latest functions that could make your app or web page work seamlessly. We cover the entire Build-Measure-Learn cycle, from the assessment of your product performance, through user-based optimisation and implementation of new features, to validation of the decisions with a controlled product release process and A/B testing. This helps us design your app with attention to detail and high usability.

Roadmap recommendations

A tailored plan needs a comprehensible roadmap that will help you see through all the milestones and components that need to be assigned and developed. An organised workflow is crucial for the app or webpage timelines and a consistent development process. In such a workflow we can include iterations, recommendations, testing and points of communication that need to be planned throughout the process. With this plan, we will show you a clear path to your product goals.

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Why go with product strategy consulting?

Better opportunities

We shape your product vision and apply our industry experience to advise you on the winning strategies for understanding of the market, user needs and business opportunities ahead of your product.

A well-defined roadmap

Having a defined business goal and a detailed plan of getting to it is a crucial part of the process. We will provide you with a step-by-step roadmap of your product’s success.

Reduced risk

Avoid investing in under-tested products that won’t perform on the market – a strong product strategy will ensure your idea is well-researched, in high demand, and meets your business requirements.

New markets

Test your product in new fields, conquer international markets, and find foreign investors thanks to early quality prototypes. We will make sure that your idea is appreciated worldwide!

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Why Miquido?

We design award-winning digital products based on data-driven strategy. Our experience in business-oriented software development ensures we release highly functional market-oriented products.

Client-oriented approach

Thorough research, workshops and communication funnels are all included in our development process, so we make sure to be on the same page with you every step of the way. We take into account your project’s scope, scale, as well as your business model and provide a detailed analysis of the market alongside insightful recommendations.

Comprehensive workshops

We believe that teamwork & communication are the key factors in understanding the idea and workflow of your future product. That’s why we set up personalised workshops that provide an opportunity for the team of experts to swiftly find answers to all product-related questions.

Product-market fit

We want your product to succeed as much as you do! That’s why throughout the whole Build-Measure-Learn cycle we focus on research and data to create effective and trustworthy build ups. We estimate the product performance, optimise UX, run A/B testing, and provide a controlled product release.

Award-winning company

Our apps and services are designed with value. This translates into high usability of the products we build, as well as into an appreciation of both business and IT communities. Thanks to our portfolio of over 150 completed projects, we have been recognised by the Mobile Trends Awards, Fintech Awards, and UK App Awards.

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This is how product strategy is born

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Evaluating your idea

We want to understand the scope of your project and elaborate on its main goals, the target audience and key features. Every great product strategy begins with an idea, and we want to make the best of it! During this phase, we will discuss the potential functionalities, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. At the end, we’ll have a development quotation and schedule ready.

Market analysis and insights

A flawless software product is the outcome of a well-defined vision and research-driven data that allows us to design an app that exactly fits your customer needs. We dive into target group research, trends and benchmarks, as well as market strategies to analyse the specifics of your industry. Our team identifies new opportunities for your business and sets up a sound Unique Value Proposition for your product.

Brainstorming the blueprint

It’s time to make use of our knowledge and work together on creating a one-of-a-kind product suited to your business objectives. During customer-tailored workshops we will brainstorm the main objectives of product design such as user personas, customer journeys, possible product solutions, and more. This is also the point when we can wireframe all the essential features.

Seeing where we can take you

Now that we have our roadmap to success, we want to envision it in a clickable prototype that clearly demonstrates what your product can do and allows you to test your idea among potential users. We aim to deliver a product with a meaningful set of features and an intuitive design, so our process will be divided into iterations that will allow us to improve the project further on.

Ongoing support & enhancements

Miquido takes pride in building long-term partnerships with our clients, so we can continue supporting and upgrading your product even after it’s been released to the market. Whether you decide to postpone the development and focus on your product design initiatives, or if you decide to jump into programming straight away – we’ll be happy to help! Just let us know what’s up and we’ll get straight to work.

Custom app development

With a defined product strategy and a polished idea, you can start working on the right solution for your unique business requirements. For that purpose, we offer our custom design and development services. By choosing a solution tailored just for you, you can be certain that there are no unnecessary features, and you’re free to adjust it to your specific needs. We make sure to fit the development schedule and budget to your business plan, and you can count on our support and maintenance once the project is complete.

Still have some questions?
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Get to know us & our objectives better by browsing the questions most often asked by our clients. If there’s anything you’re still unsure about – reach out to us! Our product strategy consultants will be happy to provide you with the answers you need.

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What is product strategy?

Generally speaking, Product Strategy is a plan describing what a business product hopes to accomplish and how. This roadmap of your product development allows you to settle your vision, gather research about your audience and the market, prepare an adequate design, work on it hassle-free, and test the solution. It is a step-by-step journey that covers the whole process of releasing your product.

Why is product strategy important?

A solid product strategy helps to translate your idea to future users, gather research that will position your project on the market, and make sure that your business goals are met according to a simple and understandable workflow. Having a well-defined product strategy allows you to plan the release, gather the funds and partners, strategise your product on foregin markets and scale on local ones. Thanks to a thorough product strategy, your team can improve the decision making and understand which tasks to prioritise for the maximum efficiency of the work process.

When can I use product strategy?

The main advantage of a well-defined product strategy is that it can be adjusted and applied to every stage of your process. Surely, it would be more beneficial for your project vision if your business plan was prepared before moving on to the development stage. However, since every work process is prone to changes and unexpected adjustments, having an agile product strategy could save you some headaches. At Miquido, we usually divide our clients’ strategies into specific milestones, so that you could clearly see how we develop your project from step one to the post-release stage.

How long does it take to prepare a Product Strategy?

First of all, you should understand that Product Strategy is subject to change even in the most rigid projects. Since its primary goal is to help you set the correct SMART goals, a good Product Strategy has to come prior to any other stage of the development process. Further on, there are many variables that can affect the time it will take to create the draft of a viable Product Strategy. Key project elements such as the product itself, your budget, tech requirements, etc. can all affect the time it will take to prepare the roadmap.

As a rule, there are defined stages of working on the Product Strategy. They are:

  • Discovering your agenda
  • Shaping your product vision
  • Defining product goals
  • Creating a goal-based roadmap
  • Repeated review and modifications

At Miquido, we work according to Scrum iterations, meaning that each cycle of work takes between 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the team. If you require assistance solely with the business aspect of a Product Strategy, you can count on faster completion of the entire process. However, we recommend trusting our team with the entire product development. You can read more about how long it takes to develop an app on our blog.

Find your industry in our portfolio of satisfied clients

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  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Other

Modern medicine is becoming more and more digitised, from basic functions like measuring daily steps to advanced lab work and testing. Our knowledge comes from 10+ years of experience in developing healthcare apps & web apps, made with accessibility and quality of health-oriented products in mind. We have created solutions that help medical practitioners, hospitals, policy makers, and regular users make medicine & healthcare more accessible. With data-oriented analysis and user-driven design, we create solutions that aid both medical professionals and their patients.

Our solutions for healthcare

The vast majority of businesses now rely on e-commerce. Even though this area is well explored by all internet users, there are a lot of changes and adaptations on the eCommerce market occurring each and every day. This is why our team of product strategy experts always researches the latest trends and is ready to rise up to any challenge. Seamless design and user experience are crucial when it comes to online stores and we pay extra attention to specific features and details in order to make the selling process a lot smoother.

Our solutions for e-commerce

Games, movies and books are all well adapted to our digital world. Over the years, we’ve worked for renowned brands in the entertainment industry, and excel in making user-friendly music and video applications. Detailed market research, applying the idea in different ecosystems, and functional and intuitive designs are our keys to success. With the Miquido team, you can develop a solution that will be meaningful to your users and scalable for the business goals you want to achieve.

Our solutions for entertainment

Web or mobile fintech apps are used everywhere on an everyday basis. Banks, payment getaways, and insurance platforms are all based on useful and fully internet-based solutions that need to be designed with special safety measures. At Miquido, we create innovative applications for finance and banking based on new technologies and functionalities required by the market. We develop our web & mobile products with all the essential cybersecurity measures in mind.

Our solutions for fintech

We want to grow with partners that have extraordinary ideas and need custom products, so that we can design truly innovative solutions. Our software company is known for crafting original apps and we are not afraid of challenges. With award-winning apps, hundreds of on-point projects and years of practice in development and user experience, we’re able to satisfy the needs of various business industries. See for yourself!

Oour solutions for other industries

Learn more about the importance of product strategy in our blog

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