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Maximise your ROI with AI chatbot development

Faster response times, round-the-clock customer service, enhanced lead generation, automated processes, and improved user experience are some of the key benefits of incorporating AI chatbot solutions into your organisation. Partner with an experienced AI chatbot development company and optimise your customer journey while also reducing customer service costs.

How can your company benefit from AI chatbot development services?

It is predicted that by 2023, chatbots will save businesses up to 2.5 billion work hours. Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from AI chatbot development services by automating routine tasks, reducing costs, and increasing sales and revenue. Chatbots can provide faster response times, offer 24/7 availability, and deliver personalized interactions. They can also ensure instant support and guide potential customers smoothly through the sales funnel. Consider working with an experienced AI chatbot development company to solidify your brand’s position as a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Save costs

Simplify repetitive tasks, including answering frequently asked questions, processing orders, or providing product information. By implementing AI chatbot solutions, you can reduce the workload on human employees, enabling them to focus on more value-added tasks. Moreover, chatbots can manage multiple conversations without incurring a proportional cost increase, which can help you grow your customer base seamlessly.

Enhance customer service

Offer your customers round-the-clock support, addressing their queries and issues at any time of the day. Respond to user inquiries instantly, thus reducing response times and providing an overall superior customer experience. Leverage AI chatbot development to gather valuable insights into client preferences and behaviours, contributing to data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

Improve sales

Personalised product recommendations can increase the likelihood of making a purchase and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers. Using AI chatbot solutions, you can qualify leads by collecting relevant information from potential customers. This information will help your sales and marketing teams to prioritise and target leads that are more likely to convert, streamlining the sales process.

Streamline data analysis

Collect valuable information on customer interactions, preferences, and behaviour. Analyse your chatbot data to gain insights into customer needs, tailoring your products or services more effectively. Investigate chatbot interactions, identifying areas for improvement and refining the bot’s responses over time. Employ an iterative AI chatbot development process to ensure your solutions become increasingly effective and aligned with customer expectations.

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AI chatbot development services by Miquido

Looking for ways to improve customer engagement and streamline business operations? Consider taking advantage of the AI chatbot development services. Our chatbots use either menu-based or rules-based programming along with AI technology and can help you with customer support, eCommerce, healthcare, and enterprise needs. We can tailor a chatbot to meet your specific industry and business requirements. Keep reading to learn more about how our AI chatbot development services can assist you in achieving your objectives more efficiently.

Generative AI chatbot development

One of the best ways to engage users is by having dynamic and natural-sounding conversations. This can be achieved by automating lengthy processes and increasing operational efficiency by implementing GenAI-powered chatbots. Chatbots and virtual assistants can understand natural language queries, adapt to changing language patterns of users, and personalise interactions. This, in turn, leads to better engagement over time, creating cross-selling and upselling opportunities and driving revenue growth for businesses.

Customer support chatbot development

Picture a scenario where all user inquiries are answered instantly, guaranteeing swift assistance to your customers whenever they require it. This will help you reduce response times, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues and manage multiple inquiries simultaneously, thus enabling your business to expand without incurring extra staffing costs. Choose the efficiency, scalability, and insights that chatbots bring to the table and take your customer service to the next level.

eCommerce chatbot development

eCommerce chatbot solutions offer more than just transactional support. They actively engage users by providing personalised recommendations, upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and creating a dynamic shopping environment. By fostering meaningful connections with your customers, eCommerce chatbots help to improve brand loyalty. Invest in eCommerce chatbot technology – and ensure every interaction becomes an opportunity to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Enterprise chatbot solutions

Imagine having virtual assistants that can easily manage routine queries and administrative tasks, freeing your teams to focus on high-impact initiatives. Enterprise chatbots are prompt and proactive, addressing potential issues before they become major problems. By analysing patterns and trends within your organisation, chatbots can offer invaluable data-driven insights to assist decision-making.

Healthcare chatbots development

Revolutionise your healthcare experiences with personalised chatbot solutions. Picture a hassle-free appointment scheduling process, gentle medication reminders, and quick responses to all patient inquiries. Healthcare chatbots are created to meet the highest privacy and regulatory standards, ensuring a safe haven for the most sensitive interactions. By embracing the convenience, personalised attention, and security that our custom healthcare chatbots bring, you can elevate the healthcare experience for your users and put patient care at the forefront.

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What makes Miquido a top AI chatbot development company?

Miquido helps businesses embrace the latest technological advancements and take innovation to the next level. Our teams specialise in delivering cutting-edge chatbot services that enable brands to transform their operations. With over 12 years of experience, we have developed over 250 digital products for renowned brands like Warner, Dolby, Skyscanner, and TUI. Read on to see why you should trust us for exceptional AI chatbot development services that meet your needs.

AI chatbot development experience

Miquido was among the pioneers in exploring the commercial applications of generative artificial intelligence. Our expertise spans across various AI domains, including computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, data warehousing, and AI model architecture. The dedicated Miquido AI team is committed to exploring new technological frontiers and business opportunities, ensuring that our partners stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of AI chatbot development.

A full-service chatbot solutions approach

At Miquido, we specialise in comprehensive client-centric solutions for voice assistant and chatbot development. When you entrust us with your project, we seamlessly manage every aspect, starting from ideation to execution. Our dedicated team handles product strategy, development, ongoing maintenance, and support, ensuring a streamlined process. By choosing Miquido, you eliminate the necessity of engaging multiple teams, as we are committed to delivering end-to-end services tailored to your chatbot development needs.

Constant research and development

Organisations of all kinds, from established industry leaders to budding startups, are increasingly turning to AI-powered solutions to enhance their operations, refine their services, and improve customer interactions. Miquido, as a pioneering AI development company, leads the charge in researching and exploring the advantages of ChatGPT and Generative AI tools for businesses. Our focus is on identifying the most impactful use cases and seamlessly integrating them into cutting-edge digital products, making Miquido the ideal choice for those seeking excellence in AI chatbot development.

Get to know our work process

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    Scoping & estimation

  • 2

    Workshops & preparation

  • 3

    Design & development

  • 4

    Product release

  • 5

    Ongoing support

Learning about your goals

Understanding your business needs and getting to know your idea is crucial for getting started. We identify the scope of your project, go over the features you want to include, and pick the best solutions for your cross-platform app. If all goes smoothly, we’ll decide on proceeding with Flutter or React Native and provide you with an estimated development time. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a general quotation and development schedule.

Preparing for development

We offer a variety of workshops depending on the stage of your project and each of them is tailored to fit your unique needs: whether you wish to focus on UX/UI features of your application, to get a deeper understanding of all its technical aspects, or to improve the overall business strategy for your product, you can be certain we’ll provide you with the best team and flawless execution. By the end of this phase, we’ll have prepared product wireframes, gathered development requirements, and have gone over the basic documentation for the project.

Bringing your application to life

Let’s get some coding done! This is where we set up the backend architecture of your app, finalise the designs, and develop your frontend solution. We pride ourselves on web and mobile applications that work on every screen: from tiny 4-inch mobiles to large kiosk devices using the best RWD patterns. On average, it takes us up to 3 months to create a fully functional MVP – a minimum viable product. However, every project is unique and the final development time depends on the app’s scope and complexity.

Launching your app on the market

With the MVP ready there’s nothing left to do but to see how your app performs with real users! We’ll take care of the deployment and release, making sure that every individual part of the system is delivered on schedule and works smoothly, without any downtime.

Our work doesn’t end here

Once your application is live, we are ready and willing to provide ongoing support. If you decide on a few extra features or changes, we’ll get straight to work. We’ll also take care of all the necessary system updates if needed. Finally, if you choose to entrust your app to your in-house team, we’ll help you plan the process and pass it on in the most effective way possible. We aim at building long-term partnerships, so we want to see you succeed as much as you do!

“Miquido presented a very innovative approach. They were always open-minded and capable of delivering reasonable solutions for typical business problems.”

Director of Innovation, PZU

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Where are voice assistants used?

  • Healthcare services: In healthcare, voice assistants may improve patient care and streamline administrative tasks. Healthcare providers are using voice assistants to manage schedules, take notes, or even diagnose patients in some cases.
  • Education services: In education voice assistants are being used to enhance the learning experience for students. For instance, they can help students with homework, answer their questions, or even provide personalised learning content.
  • Financial services: Voice assistants may provide customers with personalised financial advice, help with budgeting, and even facilitate transactions.
  • eCommerce services: Voice assistants may also provide customer service. For example, customers can ask questions about products, track orders, or request returns through a voice assistant.
  • Entertainment services: Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are using voice assistants to help customers find movies. Customers can ask for recommendations based on their viewing history or search for specific titles.

How much does a chatbot cost?

The overall cost of implementing a chatbot is a highly individual matter as it depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the bot, the platform it’s built on, or the level of customisation required. However, to give a general overview, the cost may range from $20,000 to $80,000.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential benefits that a well-designed chatbot can bring to your business. A chatbot can provide round-the-clock support to your customers, improving their overall experience and satisfaction. It can also help automate routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on more complex and high-value work.

Additionally, a chatbot can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, informing your business strategy and improving your marketing efforts. Ultimately, a chatbot’s development cost should be evaluated in the context of its potential return on investment and long-term impact on your business.

How long does it take to implement a Voice Assistant?

There is no simple answer here. The timeline may vary depending on the industry, the assistant’s complexity, or the customization level.

Generally speaking, a simple voice assistant with basic functionality and limited integrations can be implemented in weeks, while a more advanced assistant with complex features and integrations can take several months to a year or more to implement.

While the implementation time for a voice assistant may vary, it’s essential to take the time necessary to design and develop a high-quality assistant that meets the needs of your business and your customers. A well-designed voice assistant can provide numerous benefits, such as improved customer engagement, increased efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

However, it’s important to note that the timeline for implementing a voice assistant continues even after the initial launch. Ongoing maintenance, updates, and improvements will likely be necessary to ensure that the assistant remains effective and current with the latest voice technology advancements.

What are the benefits of chatbots for a business?

  • 24/7 Availability: Chatbots are available around the clock, allowing you to offer support and service outside traditional business hours. This is particularly useful for companies with customers in different time zones or industries requiring immediate help, such as healthcare or finance.
  • Cost-effective: Chatbots can reduce costs by automating tasks and handling multiple conversations simultaneously. In addition, they can take over simple tasks, allowing the team’s efforts to be redirected into more demanding processes.
  • Personalization: Chatbots can provide personalized experiences for customers by analyzing their previous interactions and preferences. You can increase the positive user experience and engagement by tailoring responses and recommendations to each customer.
  • Lead Generation: Chatbots may generate leads by engaging with potential customers, answering their questions, and providing information about products or services.
  • Analytics: Chatbots may also collect and analyze data on customer interactions, providing companies with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This can inform decision-making and help you to improve operations.

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