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Voicy is a rapidly growing startup with a clear objective: to revolutionise how people communicate online. This unique concept from the intersection of social media and entertainment allows users to discover, create, and share audio clips that perfectly express everything that is difficult to convey with words. The sound meme application powered by a large community of creators and features stands out with an impressive library of over half a million clips. Expressive voicies have already amassed an astonishing 200 million plays and received 50 million shares.

The Miquido team delivered strategic Android and iOS applications, enabling Voicy to reach a new audience of 77,000 users. Our designers and developers assisted in creating two mobile apps from the discovery phase, through design and development, to project launch and ongoing growth. Thanks to the efficient collaboration between cross-platform and design teams, Voicy quickly gained high-performance apps that effectively engage tens of thousands of users and foster a growing, dedicated community.

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Reaching a new audience of mobile app users

The web-based platform Voicy has been available on the market for several years. However, in a mobile-first era, the need for dedicated iOS and Android applications quickly became a hurdle in the startup’s growth. To expand further, Voicy needed to develop mobile apps that could help them reach new audiences quickly and effectively. Therefore, the main objective was to create direct user communication channels and support data collection and analytics. Last but not least, users tend to stick with a brand that offers a convenient mobile experience. Thus, dedicated mobile apps aimed to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Scaling app through user generated content

Voicy is centred around User Generated Content (UGC): audio memes and sound clips that users create to express their feelings and opinions or just to have some fun. As a social platform, developing a user-friendly way to generate and share content seamlessly and quickly from any mobile device was crucial. The ultimate challenge was to increase user engagement and establish Voicy as an authentic and diverse content source, leading to long-term and self-sustaining growth.

Keeping users engaged in a highly competitive market

In a crowded social app market, keeping users engaged is challenging. High user churn can cause a digital product to fail. However, engaged users are more likely to stick with an app long-term, contributing to its growth. Understanding user needs and challenges was crucial to ensure success in a competitive social mobile industry. Intuitive interface, personalisation, gamification elements, and a smooth onboarding process – using all possible methods to increase user involvement was critical.

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Flutter development for iOS and Android

The main advantage of cross-platform development is a single codebase that can be deployed on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, or the web. Cross-platform frameworks, like Flutter, eliminate the need for dedicated teams and resources for each mobile platform. The Miquido team used pre-built components and libraries like shimmer, video_player, or just_audio to speed up mobile development and achieve high-quality sound, a seamless user experience, and uninterrupted entertainment within the application.

Voicy is an excellent showcase of how Flutter can excel in the hands of experienced teams, especially for entertainment apps that involve sharing or playing audio. Thanks to Miquido’s established best practices, such as the lint_quido library and the Bloc state management system, our team swiftly delivered high-quality mobile applications with a native look, feel, and performance.

Minimum Viable Product based on business research

Voicy aimed to create an app capable of competing with the biggest players in the market. So, ensuring users generate and share Voicy content on a massive scale was crucial. To accomplish this, the Miquido team conducted a thorough competitive analysis, focusing on popular GIF apps. The product team quickly noticed that Giphy and Tenor prioritise integrations with leading social media and messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or Slack to help users quickly find and share the sound clip that enhances their message. These market observations became the foundation for defining Voicy’s Minimum Viable Product. As a result, the work on Voicy’s mobile applications considered the company’s key business challenges from the very beginning.

UX strategies that enhance engagement

The ideal user journey in Voicy? Like, create, upload, repeat! The Miquido team created intuitive, gamified mobile applications to keep users engaged and encourage long-term usage. Our UX and UI experts started by developing a design system to ensure platform consistency, maintain brand identity, and create a more polished and user-friendly product. This standardised set of design guidelines served as the foundation for creating a user interface that is accessible across platforms. In addition, the design system minimised the likelihood of errors during development and resulted in a reliable app that can be easily improved over time.

In addition, the Miquido team made sure to create a consistent look and feel throughout the app. This was achieved through precise navigation, intuitive interactions, and an optimised information hierarchy. Voicy users can now explore trending sounds based on categories and subcategories and easily share or add sound clips to soundboards with a simple swipe. As a result, the user journey is satisfying, the UI – clean, and the gamification elements – simply captivating!

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shimmer, swipeable_tile, video_player, just_audio, lint_quido, Bloc


Quick commercial success

Voicy is a product designed specifically for the mobile-minded Generation Z. This demographic is known for its frequent and intensive use of smartphones, especially for social media, messengers, and visual, authentic content. Therefore, it came as no surprise that launching a new mobile channel proved an excellent business decision. In just one year, the mobile app boasted an impressive 77,000 active users, achieving its business goals. As the social platform continues to grow steadily, it relies on engaged users from the defined target group, cementing its success.

High user engagement

Voicy has achieved remarkable success in terms of user engagement thanks to its well-structured interface. Upon opening the app, users see a clear layout showcasing the main features: Soundboards and Sound Clips. This simplicity ensures that users can quickly find the content they are looking for. The top tab provides easy access to Sound Clips, Sound GIFs, and Soundboards, allowing the exploration of a wide range of personalised content. The Search option further enhances the UX by enabling users to discover specific and accurate search results. Voicy’s user-centric design significantly contributed to impressive engagement and high retention, creating an environment where users feel encouraged to explore, interact, and share content within the app.

Scalable mobile platform

Thanks to our Flutter development services, Voicy could release identical iOS and Android apps with cohesive UI and features, resulting in a quicker market entrance and increased brand recognition. Moreover, with Google’s technology, Voicy can easily scale the app to accommodate a growing user base without maintaining separate codebases, thereby reducing the costs of platform-specific development. Flutter’s ecosystem of plugins and widgets also simplifies adding new features and functionalities to the app, enabling Voicy to introduce improvements efficiently. This approach keeps the app fresh and engaging while minimising long-term maintenance efforts.

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