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TrainingHub: Mobile application for sports lovers

Product vision and community -centered design to enrich the training world


The idea of the Training Hub mobile app was made by a famous NBA Star and Training Hub’s owner – Ben Simmons. The company aims to motivate and connect personal coaches with sports lovers at all levels, so they can improve at their favorite disciplines and keep fit anytime, anywhere. The mobile app users can simply search by location, choose more than 70 forms of exercise, and adjust their skill level and price. To book a session, they just need to choose a trainer based on their requirements and make an in-app payment. All sports lovers can connect, talk and leave reviews for future users.

TrainingHub’s challenge

Our client’s noticed a perspective trend of the sports industry to have soon its creator economy moment. Their challenge was hence, to bring its explosive power to sports through a mobile app. As the company founders noticed an undeveloped gap in a comprehensive mobile application that would connect social media, community, and quick booking system features in one app, available worldwide, both in Android and IOS versions, they turned to Miquido’s experts for a full scope product’s development and launch’s plan.

This changes the game. We’re empowering the next generation of amateur sports coaches.

Ben Simmons, Owner at Training Hub & NBA All-Star, Forbes



Our cooperation started by defining the demand and value proposition through user flow testing and core functionalities of an MVP. Together with product owners from the client’s side, our team of designers, user testing, and development experts realized a vision of sports amateurs and trainers’ community built both in-app and beyond. Eventually, we delivered a comprehensive platform for athletes on Android and iOS.

Scope of work and timeline

Desk research – Market & competition
Workshops – MVP definition
UX Wireframes & Usability Testing
UI Design + Visual identification
Web design
Growth Workshop

Services & tech stack

Product Discovery

UI/UX Design

User testing

Visual identification

Market Research

















React Native

First touchdown:

TrainingHub workshops & goals

After conducting market research and defining major rivals and key differentiators, we identified clear goals and value propositions for sports lovers of all levels.

Second touchdown:

User flows, wireframes & user testing

User flows

User flow mapping enabled the project team to outline in-app mechanisms and develop high-level wireframes for different app views and functions.


While creating wireframes, we emphasized the most important information for users with a well-adjusted and clear UI. This groundwork ensured the TrainingHub’s app quality of experience on the user’s path.

User testing

After conducting several tests consisting of free exploration and task fulfillment sessions, our client could ultimately be sure that his digital product will stand out from the crowd in terms of UX.

Third touchdown:
Community-centric features we delivered for the app

The app main page: The Hub

The primary goal of TrainingHub is to create a place where anyone can get coaching and make money doing what they love. The Hub – app’s main page lets users see available training slots, next sessions, and upcoming events and connect with other members to make new fit friends!

The app main page: The Hub

Ranking in the app

The internal system is loaded with data to calculate the best average ranking rate. Based on several conditions, we managed to make it as valuable for users as possible.

Ranking in the app

Booking and session approval

In TrainingHub, booking a training session takes only a few steps. The process enables users to pick the right time for training, choose the closest location and make a payment directly in-app. After the booking, their session status is visible, and it is still possible to rearrange it anytime users need it.

Visual design

TrainingHub’s visual identity was all about highlighting the power of movement, community, and adventure.


The growth-fostering cooperation with our client enabled us to discover, design, and develop an app that is a long-awaited solution for the creator economy in sports.

Behind the Training Hub app stands a stable, fast, and transparent server thanks to the strong isolation of reading and writing from the Data Store, which brings the system closer to Data-Driven and opens its way to Event Sourcing.

All efforts contributed to a successful and celebrated app launch, enhanced with PR and social media buzz and a dedicated Forbes interview with Ben Simmons. This is only the beginning!

Training-Hub testimonial

Our team was eager to take up a new approach to communication within the architecture in backend environments. Even though we commercially submitted this pattern in NodeJS for the first time, we had enough energy to implement and test it. The results? Exceptionally improved UX and all database costs associated with accessing the data.”

Łukasz Boruń, Backend Team & Tech Leader @ Miquido

Key takeaways

Make community needs the real center

Our mission was built around an inclusive place where anyone can connect to movement at any time and place. That’s why we focused the app development process on user requirements, objectives, and feedback.

Be open to new project approaches

The maturity of the development team and a well-established partnership with our client enabled stakeholders to take ownership and think freely out of the box while working on the design, UX, and app development.

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