Built to give the full power of data

  • Data collection – One of the best choices for data gathering when you are interested in building custom Business Intelligence dashboards or Machine Learning solutions.
  • User identification – Allows you to build the best ML models based on user behaviour. With Revolt, even pre-authentication data can be connected to the user profile after they have logged into the application.
  • Sessionization – Allows you to analyse the behaviour of your users, and completely understand their goals and needs. Users flow visualisation can help you answer crucial business questions and improve critical paths in the apps.
  • Multiplatform – Works for Web, Mobile and Backend applications.
  • High-quality SDKs – In order to simplify Revolt integration, we have prepared iOS, Android, JavaScript, Go, Python and Java SDKs. Their peak performance was the crucial focus behind their development. All events are queued, stored and sent in packages, in order to ensure they are delivered quickly and efficiently at the same time.