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mFLOTA ORLEN: mobile application
for convenient fleet management

Fleet management mobile app
for the leading Polish oil refiner


ORLEN is one of the largest and most innovative oil industry corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. The mFLOTA ORLEN is an innovative iOS and Android application streamlining fleet management and transactions at ORLEN gas stations. A convenient mobile app initiated by the leading Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer was explicitly designed for the FLOTA program, aimed at companies in the transportation and industrial sectors. The app enhances the functionalities of the existing loyalty solution, benefiting drivers with faster service, businesses – with easier fleet management, and ORLEN itself – with increased competitiveness in the fuel retail industry.

Miquido’s team of native mobile developers provided strategic Android and iOS applications to assist ORLEN in enhancing its business-to-business offer. We helped the Polish oil concern by refreshing mobile applications and precisely implementing all screens and features. Additionally, Miquido’s technological experts aided ORLEN in adopting modern mobile technologies related to native application development. Consequently, the application not only supports achieving the company’s business objectives but also represents a significant step towards comprehensive enterprise digital acceleration.

Native app performance

Native app performance

Simplified payment process

Simplified payment process

Increased user retention

Increased user retention


Increasing user retention

ORLEN has spent several years revamping its image to be even more user-friendly, accessible, and consistent. This involved integrating a new visual identity and tone of voice into its mobile applications. Therefore, ensuring fast and reliable performance on various mobile devices was crucial for the success of the mFLOTA ORLEN project. The development team had to consider compatibility issues, varying screen sizes, and hardware capabilities. The challenge was to ensure that the app remained stable, accessible and easy to use for everyone, including users with the latest flagship smartphones and those with older devices.

Simplifying the payment process

Our client aimed to improve their mFLOTA ORLEN app’s business capabilities by integrating upselling and cross-selling opportunities, speeding up transactions, and enhancing user loyalty. Simplifying the payment process for fuel and other products available at gas stations, highways, and car washes was also a crucial aspect. To achieve this, ORLEN wanted to explore new payment methods that would be highly effective in boosting sales. Thus, they decided to add the ability to scan QR codes located in physical locations, such as near fuel dispensers or at the entrance to car washes, to the app’s key features. ORLEN’s ultimate goal was to increase its B2B sales while prioritising user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Ensuring cost-effective maintenance

The company continually introduces new digital services that make it easier for customers to use ORLEN products: ORLEN VITAY, PAY, CHARGE, and mFLOTA. Therefore, during the development phase, it was crucial to align the technological solutions with the client’s tech stack, ensuring easy, cost-effective maintenance and further application development. To execute the project, the company had to engage specialised Android and iOS developers with extensive knowledge of the enterprise tech stack, expertise in native application security, and the ability to identify areas for optimisations.

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Test strategy covering integration, UX and performance

The mFLOTA ORLEN was designed to be a reliable and accessible application that works seamlessly on mobile devices running iOS 14, Android 7 and their newer versions. To ensure support for such a wide range of operating systems, the Miquido QA team developed a comprehensive testing strategy that covered integration with the backend environment, performance scanning, and user experience. Our quality assurance specialists recommended a multi-level testing approach, including both manual and automated tests.

By integrating with a cloud-based device farm, and creating CI test pipelines, the QA team could quickly conduct tests on a wide range of physical devices on both iOS and Android. The ability to perform parallel testing and automate the process of generating comprehensive test reports with detailed logs, screenshots, and videos allowed the development team to diagnose and fix issues more quickly. With the efficient work of the Miquido quality assurance team, the development process of the mFLOTA ORLEN app was optimised, resulting in a fully market-ready mobile application.

orlen mflota

Improving app maintainability and scaling

Two teams of native development experts were involved in the mFLOTA ORLEN project, each with proficiency in the preferred client’s tech stack. To achieve the best application performance on Android and iOS, we recommended using two modern frameworks developed by Google and Apple. Both toolkits prioritise developer productivity, code maintainability, and consistent user interface across platforms, providing a solid foundation for the continued development of enterprise mobile applications.

The Android development team utilised a toolkit that simplifies and expedites UI development. As a result, the code is simple and easy to maintain, allowing for future updates, whether minor UI changes or significant additions of new modules, to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Similarly, the iOS application was developed using a toolkit that provides easy-to-read code and intuitive design tools. As a result, both Android and iOS applications can be quickly, cost-effectively maintained and scaled in the future.

Implementing optical character recognition

Efficient implementation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Android and iOS apps was crucial to enhance the business capabilities of the mFLOTA ORLEN application. The ability to scan QR and barcodes was essential not only to optimise the sales funnel but also to improve the customer experience for individual users and business customers managing their fleets. To achieve these goals, the Miquido team utilised well-established image recognition libraries.

With the help of the popular machine learning library, the Miquido teams could rapidly implement QR code recognition for fuel dispensers, car washes, and barcode recognition on physical products, as well as on the back of the VITAY loyalty program card. Additionally, our development experts managed to enhance fleet management even further. By scanning the QR code on a vehicle’s windshield, a machine learning model created by our team can accurately verify any vehicle and effectively detect fraud attempts.

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Services & tech stack

iOS development

Android development


orlen mflota


App delivered ahead of schedule

The early delivery of the mFLOTA ORLEN app was made possible due to the utilisation of innovative technologies and automated testing capabilities. The Miquido development teams leveraged top-notch UI toolkits and libraries to accelerate the implementation of complex features such as OCR. The modern tech stack ensured transparent and high-quality code, enabling the rapid deployment of improvements identified during the testing phase. The ability to swiftly implement complex features guarantees that the app can continually adapt to user needs and market demands, resulting in enhanced user satisfaction, increased engagement, and, ultimately, tremendous business success.

Optimised sales funnel

Implementing OCR technology and integrating the mFLOTA application with the VITAY loyalty program have significantly optimised Orlen’s B2B sales funnel. With the ability to scan QR codes and barcodes, users can add items to their shopping cart quickly and conveniently, leading to more frequent and larger purchases. The mobile app is equipped with an analytical module and access to transaction history, allowing companies to gain insights into how fleet users use the mFLOTA program. In the next project stage, the Miquido team will implement upselling, cross-selling, and product recommendation features to enhance the app further.

Improved customer experience

The intuitive mobile app mFLOTA can be used at gas stations throughout Poland, enhancing the convenience of using Orlen’s services for fleet program members. The app allows the purchase of fuel and AdBlue directly at the dispenser and enables the use of car wash facilities. It also verifies card-assigned limits, reduces manual effort, and provides quick access to relevant information. The app features a transaction history feature, which expedites purchasing and enables precise fleet management.

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