Top 6 apps made with Flutter — 2 years after the birth of alpha

Flutter early alpha was first announced in May 2017. Get to know the most remarkable apps created with Google’s framework since then.

3 Jun 2019 | 8 min read

Flutter early alpha was first announced during Google I/O in May of 2017, but it was no sooner than December of 2018 when Google announced the stable version 1.0. Today, two years after the birth of Flutter, the SDK has been appreciated and embraced by hundreds of companies. It’s no wonder – Google’s framework allows developers to create a stunning app for iOS and Android, quickly and at a lower cost. Some of the companies, however, adopted Flutter when it was still an unpopular novelty, and now they’ve earned the position of Flutter experts, who created the most remarkable Flutter apps recognised worldwide.

Topline App by Abbey Road Studios

Topline solution, the first app by Abbey Road Studios, enables artists to catch their ideas on the fly and save ideas whenever they are.

“Just consider how many good songs are remaining trapped forever in voice notes, old notepads or dictaphones. With Topline, we can unlock that genius.”- says Dom Dronska, Senior Digital Manager at Abbey Road Studios.

Miquido , the Google Certified software house responsible for Topline’s development, created the native iOS app and its version in Flutter in just 10 weeks, and they also managed to overcome audio latency issues on Android.

“There aren’t many audio apps on Android, it’s a complex platform which developers shy away from. When we started working on the Android app we quickly discovered that we need help to overcome some of those challenges. The Google team offered an early version of their Flutter framework, which with its customisable widgets and hot reload live prototyping accelerated our development process 10 or more times.”- continues D. Dronska.

Topline was appreciated and officially featured during Google I/O in May 2018 and Flutter Live 2018. It was also showcased by Google on the website and their series of Flutter Developer Stories. The app was announced a winner of UK App Awards 2018 in two categories. It’s free and available on Google Play and the App Store.

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Hamilton App by Hamilton Musical

Another music app made with Flutter. The development of the Hamilton app started in May of 2017 and had a firm launch date in August. It aimed to provide features that the musical’s fans would love, and provide better access to the show for all. This included sign-up/login flows, ticket lottery entry and purchase, a dynamic content newsfeed, or a HamCam selfie camera. And — same as the Topline app — it was appreciated by Google and featured in a series of Flutter Developer Stories.

“We knew this app needed to be rock solid both in terms of performance and visual fidelity, and really represent the amazing experience that the Hamilton show itself provides. Ultimately, that’s why we decided to use Flutter — says Jessica Wagner, Manager of Posse, the company responsible for Hamilton’s app development.

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Xianyu by Alibaba

Alibaba, one of the world’s biggest online commerce companies based in China, used Flutter to create the Xianyu app, which soon hit over 50M+ downloads.

“When a vendor wants to sell (..), they should be able to post a well-designed app as quickly as possible. And when a customer wants to buy (…), all they need is a swipe on the app”- says Xinyi Guo, a Senior Project Manager at Alibaba.

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. It’s one of the most popular e-commerce apps in China, and it was featured in a series of Flutter Developer Stories.

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With their Ads app, Google has proven that Flutter is definitely no longer a pet-project SDK. The app enables advanced ad analytics, and it helps you stay connected with your campaigns from anywhere, using your smartphone. It is a simplified companion to Google Adwords desktop account, used by over 5M users globally.

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NOW Live by Tencent

Now Live is a video streaming app created by Tencent — a Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate specialising in Internet entertainment, AI and technology in general. With tens of millions of monthly active users, Now Live is one of the most popular video apps in China.

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JD App by Jingdong Finance

JD app is a comprehensive financial services platform created by Jingdong Finance, a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. The solution is free, and it enables all-in-one personal finance management to its users.

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Wrap up

The apps that I’ve listed are the most popular and remarkable cases of using the Flutter framework. All of them are presented in Flutter showcase as highly successful examples of adopting Google’s SDK by pioneering companies in Flutter development. But the total number of apps built with the framework is constantly on the rise. To get to know more use cases, check out the open list of Flutter apps, and see how Flutter solutions for mobile, web and desktop become increasingly advanced with time.

Natalia Woszczek-Taszycka Digital Marketing Manager

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