Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning engineers craft AI solutions using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning to help you optimise your processes and enhance your products. Recommendation systems, credit scoring or opinion mining are just examples of what’s available.

what we do

Predictive Analytics

Natural Language Processing

Recommendation Systems

Artificial Neural Networks

Deep Learning

Credit Scoring

Opinion Mining

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Voice Assistants and Chatbots

Our team creates personal assistants powered with Machine Learning that help you with your business. Intelligent FAQ bots, customer service virtual assistants or voice user interface for your product – these are just some examples of what we can create. Our Artificial Intelligence experts help you define the best solution for your business and bring it to life.

what we do

Google Assistant




Natural Language Understanding


Conversational Design

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Data Science

We help companies find patterns and analyse them to get relevant, data-based insights. Our Data Science team deals with Big Data to learn more about what’s really important to your business, make churn prediction, run behavioural analyses etc.

what we do

Data Mining

Big Data

Business Intelligence


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Computer Vision

With the help of Machine Learning, we create solutions capable of recognising objects, classifying photos and indexing content – all to help your product gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos.

what we do

Object Recognition

Image Classification

Content Indexing

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Research & Development

Proof of Concept

Innovation Research

Product Design
& Strategy

UX Workshops & Audits

User Research

UX/UI Design

Mobile & Web

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Native Mobile Apps

Cross-platform Mobile Apps


Data Science

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Voice Assistants & Chatbots




Google Cloud Platform

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