Why supporting mobile communities’ matters

27 Mar 2017 | 3 min read

Ever wondered is it worth the effort to support mobile or design communities? I want to share with you some tips, tricks and simply what is the story behind involving in education and taking care of local communities. Well, let’s start with this: we can’t describe the epicness of the feeling when you support one of the biggest iOS community in Poland and on the stage is the top-notch speaker John Sundell, who worked at Spotify.

1/3 best things that could happen

Can you imagine: cozy place, pizza & drinks, cheerful atmosphere, mind-blowing experts, over 80 motivated to learn mobile developers & your brand in a single place?

Miquido was supporting latest meeting of CocoaHeads, which is the biggest community of iOS developers in Krakow. But why we did it? Firstly, our goal is to educate and share knowledge in the mobile industry. Secondly, because we want to spread a word about Miquido. Yup, simple as that. This is a matchless occasion to show company experience in mobile apps and achieve even more goals than those two above!

2/3 best things that could happen

Krakow is like, a Polish idea of Silicon Valley. Here, where numerous startups, growing companies, and corporations from IT industry compete for the best experts, which could deliver futuristic solutions for the better world. It means that cities like ours have a gigantic demand for IT whizzes, and many of them is already a part of various tech communities.

Just make research, talk and give more valuables than anyone expect you would. Mind that, with knowledge and know – how comes responsibility for your local initiatives. Clients and little societies, in general, will appreciate that you give & share your time, money and experience. It’s simply priceless. This kind of cooperation could help you to:

  • convince experts to work in your company,
  • collect feedback about your services/products,
  • resolve some technical problems together,
  • or just show your brand locally.

3/3 best things that could happen

The uniqueness of communities. We are sure, that CocoaHeads is simply an astonishing bunch of enthusiastic people, who generate an hyper-energetic field of self-development for iOS software engineers. The last event showed that when you support IT groups you could talk not only with skilled developers, designers, testers, but also journalists, other company representatives, clients, and investors. It means, that one unique, but relatively simple event brings up a whole business ecosystem in front of your company doors.

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