4 Things That Distinguish Exceptional Software Providers

24 Jun 2020 | 3 min read

When you’re searching for the right software provider to develop your project, experience is probably the first criterion that comes to your mind, and for good reason. If a company has a few projects in its portfolio that are similar to what you want to build, they are more likely to avoid the most common traps and obstacles.

Nonetheless, there are no silver bullets in software development, no single solution that works everywhere. Something that worked in one case might be overkill in another or it might not work at all. Here are four things to keep in mind when looking for the best company to build your solution. They will allow you to find the true gems to work with.

Holistic approach

The key is to really understand the customer’s business goals and suggest the most appropriate solutions to meet them. So above everything else, clients need to seek reliable partners in the form of an open-minded team that really tries to understand their needs and enhance the project with their expertise at all stages.

Cooperation is a crucial factor in all the stages of any software project from creating the concept (business workshops, prototyping, design sprints), through design (UX, UI, architecture, analytics), development (software, QA, DevOps, machine learning) up to the release. And they do not stop there but also help to iterate on your product and make it even better with each update.  Therefore, clients should ask about the company’s approach to software development and offered services to verify whether the company can deliver a full package.

Great scoping skills

Even the biggest projects need to be broken down into manageable phases. In the vast majority of cases, it’s best to define an MVP and iteratively build upon that. Even when you have a clear plan in mind, it is very important to establish and consider all technical dependencies. The support of a software provider in this aspect is crucial. Given the scope, the company should be able to help you break it down, taking into account the issues of scalability and expandability.


The market situation is dynamic and your plans can change. It is also worth asking about the company’s development process to verify if the team is really agile. You can do this by providing some hypothetical situations regarding changes in the requirements and estimating their impact on the project both cost- and time-wise.


Last but not least, you can recognise the best partners by their proactiveness. They show it from the start, asking the right questions and exploring possible solutions on the first contact. When you come across a team of professionals knowing what to ask about at the very beginning, look no more. You’ve found the one!

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