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Top AI developers for hire

Miquido connects you with top-tier AI developers for both freelance and full-time roles, equipping you with the expertise needed to launch or enhance services powered by artificial intelligence. With a proven track record of developing more than 30 AI projects across 10 industries, we will help you assemble the perfect team to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Hire AI developers across all specialties

With over six years leading the field and a portfolio of standout AI projects, our team excels in everything from generative AI and machine learning to natural language processing and OpenAI API integration. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI research to create custom solutions that drive your business forward. Let us help integrate AI into your strategy seamlessly, providing the expertise and support you need to succeed.

OpenAI API developers

The OpenAI API is a powerhouse tool that can handle everything from whipping up content quickly to tackling complex data tasks. Our developers are here to help you integrate it seamlessly into your operations, choose the best model for your needs, and estimate the costs. We specialise in fine-tuning language models to craft AI assistants that are perfectly aligned with your business challenges.

LLM developers

Our team is packed with experts skilled in tailoring large language models to fit the unique demands of sectors like eCommerce, fintech, media, entertainment, and more. We handle it all: strategic implementation, fine-tuning, development, model integration, and continuous support and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to boost efficiency, enhance customer experience, or innovate your services, hire AI developers to ensure your tech leads the way.

NLP developers

Hire AI developers who are masters of tools like NLTK, spaCy, and TensorFlow and use these to craft custom models with NLU and NLG capabilities. These models are fine-tuned to analyse, interpret, and generate human-like text tailored to meet various business needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance user interaction, automate responses, or glean insights from large volumes of text, our developers will help you deliver precise and efficient results.

Machine learning developers

Are you looking to optimise operations, enhance decision-making, or pioneer new services? Let’s shape the future together with smart, adaptable technology tailored just for you. Hire ML engineers who excel in state-of-the-art frameworks like scikit-learn, Keras, and PyTorch. Our teams are adept at creating customised solutions across supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning domains.

Prompt engineers

Work with top-notch professionals who are often invited to share their expertise at lectures and conferences, ensuring that you receive top-tier project guidance and support. Our prompt engineers have machine learning, AI development, and linguistics backgrounds and combine practical skills with deep theoretical insights. They are active contributors to the field, driving advancements through their research on prompt security and efficiency.

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A white label app for bank-in-a-box cloud software company now used by 10 banks in Asia


banks using Nextbank Mobile Banking

2 M+

app downloads

2 nd place

2020 Singapore Fintech Awards


Ousource or hire AI developers your way

Boost your AI capabilities with our flexible cooperation models. With six years of experience in AI projects, we’ve mastered different approaches – outsourcing, team augmentation, and complex cooperation. At Miquido, our clients range from big names like Dolby, Skyscanner, Warner Recorded Music, and TUI to inspiring start-ups and scale-ups. No matter your needs, we know how to deliver.

AI developers outsourcing

Outsourcing AI developers from Miquido connects you to a global talent pool, driving technological growth and keeping you at the forefront of innovation. You don’t need to hire AI developers to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies or build in-house capabilities. Our scalable and flexible model lets you swiftly adapt to market demands and project specifics, while also enabling your teams to grow their internal knowledge if needed.

Team augmentation and team extension

Enhance your AI team with team augmentation – a dynamic cooperation model that boosts your project capabilities without the long-term costs. This flexible approach allows you to scale your workforce up or down based on project needs, enabling swift adaptation to new challenges. Choose team augmentation to accelerate project timelines, gain fresh perspectives, and leverage the latest AI skills, positioning your business for immediate success.

Complex cooperation

Leverage Miquido’s agency model for a strategic approach to AI development. We’ll collaborate on your ideas during product workshops, design the solution architecture, and manage the entire development process. With 13 years of experience as a full-service software agency, we expertly handle everything from UX/UI design to backend development. Let’s transform your vision into a powerful AI solution!

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Large Language Models

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What makes Miquido the best place when searching for AI developers for hire?

With over 6 years of experience in AI and more than 30 commercial projects delivered, we excel in crafting solutions for top companies like Dolby, Warner, Skyscanner, and TUI. Our team is staffed by seasoned AI, ML, and data science developers with substantial real-world experience, not just short-term bootcamp training. Choose Miquido as your trusted partner for hiring AI developers and experience the power of true expertise and innovation.

Hire AI developers with actual experience

We have provided cutting-edge solutions in areas like computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, data warehousing, and AI model architecture. Our clients include renowned companies such as PZU, SBAB, Which?, and Step. Our dedicated AI unit constantly explores new technological and business opportunities for our partners.

A full-service approach

We can take care of your project from start to finish. Bring us your product idea, and we’ll handle everything else – from product strategy, development, and maintenance to support and future updates – eliminating the need to hire multiple teams.

Transparent hiring process

We ensure the perfect fit for your needs by offering complete transparency. You’ll have access to our developers’ portfolios and CVs before starting cooperation, allowing you to make informed decisions about who will drive your projects forward.

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Miquido presented a very innovative approach. They were always open-minded and capable of delivering reasonable solutions for typical business problems.

Director of Innovation, PZU
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We’re impressed by Miquido’s attention to detail and their transparency in everything they do.

James Allan To, Chief Commercial Officer, Nextbank Software Inc.

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